What do we do?

We facilitate our clients step change their competitiveness behind maximized performance of their teams. We do only customized and practice-based training programs. We work out efficient and convenient tools to achieve concrete goals of our clients. We go from business practices accumulated by international and Russian companies and it's best experts.

Who do we work for?

Clients of Tailored are companies aspiring to lead their markets and thus, train and develop their associates. We together prepare the teams to solve complex issues in an evolving competition.

We do not give our clients open training sessions in multiple areas. We go after specific tools as to increase sales and improve customer service in particular business units and some other.

News of Tailored

May 2019
Tailored' Functional corporate events become more focal and aimed at specific multilevel objectives. Big HR forum which main subject was The Care of employees at all levels became one of striking examples of spring 2019.»

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