History of Tailored

The history of Tailored started in 1998 in New-York, NY, USA. A group of managers from multinational companies came to a conclusion that the one-fits-all approach to people development did not return expected results.

Training and coaching are effective when they originate from practice, offer re-applicable solutions and done by experts in specific fields.

It is this concept that gave birth to Tailored. Our company works in a one-to-one way with the Customer in different countries. We focus on specific technologies to increase sales in particular business units, to improve customer service in designated areas, to master negotiation skills of managers and other priorities.

As of today Tailored has accumulated sufficient experience of cooperation with Russian and international companies and it is evident for us that some organizations in Eastern Europe and the former USSR need to close gaps in customer relationship management. So, we leverage our resources to fuel partnering organizations to run their negotiation and sales, personnel management, strategy and planning in a tailored way —created sharply to the order, unusual, individual, made for a particular client.