Tailored Journal

Tailored journal is a page of short illustrations of our daily and very bright life. The journal was launched in August 2009 according to the recommendations of our regular customers. All the reviews mentioned in the Journal are taken anonymously according to the results of the trainings.

August 2019

From ship to ball

Yailored successfully started cooperation with the new Client, the main operating company of the leader of the Russian oil industry.
From the very beginning in work with this Client, we got, as we say, from "ship to ball" - began training with heads of financial units, people who are used to checking and re-checking everything . The work turned out to be very fascinating).

Participants' feedback:

«I very much liked the atmosphere, there was involvement throughout the training, it was interesting because there was live communication with life examples. Well-chosen cases that demonstrated basic thought well»;

«Practical answers to questions. Clear, by item»;

«The trainer transmits perfectly the energy, charges with emotional attitude to the work. Now the desire to run to work and try to apply all advice!»


July 2019

Business quests in Tailored style

Tailored broadens the line of innovative and creative HR products with a new series of Business quests, a part of which will be made by the licensed products, and a part – own exclusive developments.
But the most interesting that our quests will not be only an entertaining action with often chaotic insight, but will be integrated into the current business programs in a format of practical events and are most adapted for the specific objectives of our Clients that gives the excellent result in practice.

Here what about it is told by the Customer and the Participant of our last business quest integrated into the training for the leader of the Russian Fashion-market: "We has the luck to work with Tailored company, in the mode "all at once". Practical games and reflection after the workshop are the most effective method for the analysis of the reactions and lines of conduct. Perfectly switching of attention from methodology works to practice, from "planes" to sales, from arrangement of priorities to "Lego". As the participant, I understand that it is necessary to hold all training focus on the processes happening to you, otherwise you drop out. Concentration is necessary like in real working processes!
Tailored, thanks, that you are always in a trend!»



June 2019

Do it yourself (DIY), Tailored!

Tailored successfully develops cooperation with the largest Russian retailer of goods for construction and repair.
Our new partner is the fastest growing player of the Russian DIY market today (according to INFOLine), with an annual growth of more than 30% and revenue of more than 49 billion rubles.

After the holding of training projects together, we have become a regular supplier of staff development programs for one of the most customer-oriented DIY companies on the Russian market. Similar values and the understanding of the importance of human resources in business, coupled with a deep study of the desired result with an internal customer, gave an excellent result.

Participants' feedback:

«Very capaciosly and interesting, learned a lot of new stuff!»;

«An interesting delivery of information, feedback, the opportunity of playing the different roles»;

«A lot of practice is great!»


МAY 2019

The carelessness not in honor, the people waits for result!

Spring and summer - time of traditional big corporate events by #Tailored. Office parties in a classical format became outdated. #Tailored' Fuctional corporate events become more focal and aimed at specific multilevel objectives. Big HR forum which main subject was The Care of employees at all levels became one of striking examples of spring 2019.
Very wide range of participants was the feature of this Forum designed and organized by #Tailored: from ordinary workers to all top management of the largest international corporation, the leader in the industry. The difficult task in combination with big team demanded harmonious work with experts of our Partner and detailed preparation, gave us the result: excellent #Tailored job Customer evaluation.


April 2019

System solutions in Tailored style.

The major German industrial concern presented in 20 countries worldwide in the sphere of dealership and production, representing one of the brightest global manufacturers of the equipment in Russia was chosen by Tailored for system consulting decisions.
Mission of our new Partner: "All our efforts are aimed at the development of long-term partnership with our clients. Our main principles on which we build up partnership are honesty and skill." Employees and experts of Tailored are completely agree on every word in this statement.

Likely therefore, at a preparation stage, we managed to create together with the Customer effective joint team on development systematic decisions which allowed to carry out competently the goals and to construct plans of further cooperation.

Responses of participants:

«Thanks a lot from me and from all team! I still under a pleasant impression!»;

«Super exercises!»;

«We look forward the next meeting!»


March 2019


March 28, 2019 «Tailored» and our partners from «1C Rarus» held the spring meeting of Russian Motivation Club with topic «Implementation and launching of significant projects. Strategy. Staff. Automation.»
Our event started with the speech of Vadim Kravchenko — development director of «Rusklimat» company:«Successes and traps: from strategy to launching and implementation of project». He reviewed real automation cases of his company, told us about practice of sales management system with CRM base and shared many conclusions, advises and life hacks for the companies who is considering about proper automation in Russian realities.

After that we took part in practical interactive case: divided into groups we were offered to see into following topics: typical difficulties with project implementation; reducing the impact of human factor on the project; how to draw attention to the significant project in the company correct and also themost interesting and efficient tools for project launching and implementation from personal experience of experts.

Event was completed with ingenious speech of «Selectel» HR-director Nadegda Kurlat: she was talking about development and realization of HR-strategy and optimization of motivational system of company for significant project success, and also told us about effective emotional gamification that was successfully realized in «Selectel».

We want to thank the organizers, sponsors, speakers and all the participants, among which were many new faces. Looking forward to see you at Russian Motivation Club following events!



February 2019

The Standard of the Swiss quality chooses Tailored.

The famous Swiss producer – the world leader in the field of an implantology, known for the uncompromising quality, chose Tailored as the partner in development of personnel.
5 continents, more than 70 countries, decades of faultless reputation and leadership in the industry taught our new partner to choose carefully those who will develop the most valuable asset of the company. .

Successfully carried out the series of trial programs and having received excellent feedback, we got to work with several divisions of the company on a wide range of programs at once that allowed us to pass from development of skills to values and culture transformation for our partner. The trust to us was also emphasized that each of our programs was preceded by the General manager of the Company’ message.

Responses of participants:

«Everything passed brightly, intelligibly and vitally!»;

«It is important that there were practical examples»;

«Lack of stereotypes in the program!»


January, 2019

Reasonable and correct steps in the right direction

Tailored successfully started projects together with the leading global manufacturer of packing, cellulose and paper with 52,000 employees in more than 24 countries of the world.
Our new Client and the Partner sets as the purpose to be one of the best and most reputable companies in the world. Owning manufacturing enterprises in Europe, North America, Latin America, North Africa, India and Russia, the Company makes packing which keeps goods and promotes their advance, promotes world trade and ensures the consumers safety of products.

Way of our new Partner: always to take reasonable and correct steps in the right direction, and the choice Tailored as the supplier of consulting services – one of such steps. After the trial programs which are carried out at the end of 2018, the new order already for employees of different levels and divisions followed.

Responses of participants:

«There is a lot of practical training for work in team»;

«The attention did not dissipate!»;

«Logically, briefly, clear and it is not boring!»


December 2018

Tailored congratulates our friends, partners and colleagues on New Year's and Christmas holidays!



November 2018

Logic and emotions in the service of Tailored customers.

In November 2018 Tailored successfully launched a new series of innovative products: "INTELLIGENT CORPORATE ACTIVITIES".
The range of products effectively solves the issues of a strong motivation of the team and the achievement of the specific goals of each customer. An additional effect will be the development of interaction to a new level, the launch of a powerful multi-stage motor of a team success. Our events work with the objectives of a serious workshop, as well as with the format of emotionally bright, intellectual and corporate recreation.

The precise combination of developing techniques and methods of subtle, psychologically verified, interactive art creates a unique atmosphere of trust, drive and effective result of the event. The rise of creative and emotional energy, the atmosphere of sincere, trustful dialogue, the growth of the overall team potential - this is only a small part of the result that your team receives.

Tailored intellectual events include several formats:

1) CONSCIOUS TEAM RETREAT: Combination of a Workshop or Training with a Performance module;

2) INTELLECTUAL TEAM RETREAT: Intellectual Game “What? Where? When?” combined with the Performance module;

3) CREATIVE TEAM RETREAT: A creative module-visualization "UP IN THE AIR" with Performance module (optional);


October 2018


October 9, 2018 Tailored successfully held a thematic SERVICE OKTOBERFEST in the hospitable territory of Baltika Breweries, Part of the Carlsberg Group on a topical matter: “HR Service Today. HR Service of the Future.
The first speech was given by Valery Martsinovich, a senior partner of KornFerry, on the topic “International practices of theservice centers and global trends in service, robotic automation of service operations”. After that NadezhdaLeonova, Head of HR Shared Service Center, Metro Cash & Carry gave talk on the subject: “The Experience of Implementing Service Centers in Metro Cash & Carry”. Ekaterina Zvereva, HRSC Co-worker Support Team Leader, IKEA, was the third expert of our meeting was. She told us about practices for the implementation of IKEA service centers.

In the second part of the meeting Dmitry Karev, Operations Director of Acsour, gave a speech on a topic: “Outsourcing. The output functions in the regions. Impact on effectiveness. HR outsourcing. ”

Could OKTOBERFEST be without beer & snacks? Our friends from Baltika Breweries took care of it. Moreover, they organized a tour of Baltika Brewery Factorybefore the main part of the meeting. During the excursion participants got to learn about the secrets of success of one of the most famous brands in Russia.

As always our meeting was accompanied by topical tasks, open discussions and sharing experience among experts from leading Russian and international companies: KirovskyZavod, MSC, Gazpromneft Business Service, Franke Russia GmbH, ALIDI Group, Nostrum Oil &Gaz, Lenta , Kraft Heinz, AO Smerfit Kappa, Concept Group, Gazpromneft-Sakhalin, Capital Life, Partner Group, ZIFST, Roka Rus, AO Avtodom, OCK, International Paper, Delovye Linyi, Segezha Group, Taxi 068, BES Cargo, LSR Group, PochtaBank and many others. Welcome to our new meetings!



September 2018

Cooperation with a customer is always the focus of attention.

A large international customer returned to Tailored’s work on the new brand.
Tailored's long-time partner is a large Swedish construction holding with a turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros and a staff of more than 2,000 people. After a large rebranding it chose Tailored as a training provider.

The first subject was “TOOLS OF QUALITATIVE COMMUNICATION AND COOPERATION WITH CUSTOMERS”, which is not surprising, since the developer actively increases market share in eight countries at once: in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, and of course, Russia.

Feedback from participants:

«Excellent selection of materials, presentation and information content»;

«was useful and fascinating, especially the review of cases with clients»;

«he whole training in a positive way, topics and questions were fully developed!»


August 2018

Construction in oil and gas industry with Tailored

That is the way of Russia that the oil and gas industry is a serious business, and the construction of oil and gas facilities and pipelines even more so, but we were not embarrassed. This summer, Tailored began a successful cooperation with the industry's leading company, employing more than 25,000 people and having a vehicle fleet with more than 14,000 units.
A series of trainings in 2018 united in practice the energy of the team of top managers of the Company. The opportunity to look at the usual work context, daily decisions, bare facts and figures through the prism of a bright presentation opened us up new horizons for interaction and mutual understanding..

By going beyond the boundaries of strict communication, our customers received an impulse and a new breath in the management of production projects. The most valuable was the feedback of the participants: receivingthe effect from a series of trainings is now not only a team goal, but also a personal one for each leader.

The format and the content of the event, according to the General Director of our Partner, "allowed to structure the acquired knowledge and skills, work them out through interesting practical exercises in the training atmosphere, on video materials and in the process of completing additional tasks (between the modules of the training)".



July, 2018

In keeping with the best oriental traditions.

Summer is a conventional time for a variety of on-site trainings. One of the brightest events of this season in Tailored was a special program held in the capital of Azerbaijan for the largest asset of the most famous Russian company in the world.
In keeping with the best oriental traditions our program in Baku included stories and abstract subjects and ended with important conclusions. According to the Customer it was useful, fun, active and surprising with the creativity of a team.


June, 2018

Tailored works on a grand scale.

The largest Russian energy provider, the owner of most of the hydroelectric power stations of the country and the world's second hydrogeneration company became the regular customer of Tailored.
After the first successful trainings and excellent feedback for our trainers, we have been entrusted to support a large project. The project includes organizing the process of collecting innovative ideas in the Company, integrating with experts in project management, forming of project teams, training programs for more than 50 participants from almost all regions of Russia and organizing an effective evaluation of selected projects.

The appreciation of the organization of this large project and the comments of internal experts, including the management of almost all Client’s departments, was a great honor for our team. The system that we developed allowed us to identify, improve and present the maximum number of interesting projects from all over the country, that are expected to be ready to business implementation in the Company.


Мay, 2018

Motivational Club of Russia and current issues of intergenerational compatibility.

May 3, 2018 Tailored organized and a meeting of the Motivational Club of Russian on a very important topic: "THEORY OF GENERATIONS AND BUSINESS: a practical aspect of the interaction of the X, Y, Z generations in the work".
Our meeting started with a speech by Kira Peseleva, HR Director of Park Inn, on the subject: "Generation Z and X values, goals, differences and ... particularities." As a part of her speech, the following questions were revealed: What makes X and Z so different, what does everyone say about this? How the theory of generations is realized in the hotel business in practice? Trends and approaches in the management of employees from the generation of Z.

The second part of the Meeting was dedicated to the speech of Anna Kolesnikova, HR Director, Concept Group, and Elina Eremenko, Head of the HR Training and Development Department, Concept Group. The topic of their report was: "What should X-HR to do to make Y-colleagues work effectively?". The experts demonstrated how it is possible to work with young and creative colleagues in a diverse and high-quality manner getting maximum involvement from them.

The meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia was attended by top managers and experts of Russian and international companies engaged in various business areas: CTD “Petrovich”, “Japan Tobacco International”, “Delovye Lynii”, Brewring Company “Baltika” (Carlsberg Group) “HomeCredit Bank”, “Marvel", "SKL", "Taxi 068", CC "Irbis", "Lotte Hotels”, "StroyGazConsulting", "Budu Mamoi", "MSC", "Telco", "Ollis Club", "Europapir”, “1C-Rasus”, St. Petersburg State University, International Medical Center “SOGAZ” and many others. Also the participants of the famous "The Club of Ideas" joined our meeting for the first time.

Our meeting was accompanied by traditional cases from the inviting party, active open discussions of experts, exchange of experience, analysis of the latest trends and fresh findings. We thank all the participants of this memorable event, see you on the next Meetings of the Motivational Club of Russia.



Аpril, 2018

The basics of being the best.

Recently we got a wonderful experience with the team of the Best Luxury Hotel in Russia, according to the World Luxury Hotel Awards, the European Hotel Awards, the Russian Hotel Awards and many others.
Managers chose from several variants of master classes the closest to people, not to business processes. This way they clearly demonstrated the importance of motivation and well-being of their employees. It is probably the best approach to the most hospitable staff, or more correctly to ensure that it remains as it is ... We received gratitude and appreciation for our work.


March, 2018

Innovative industrial automation with Tailored.

We continue to win new innovative and promising markets. This time Tailored’s new Client is one of the leading companies in the Russian market of industrial automation.
The main idea that formed the basis of the activity of our new Partner is the creative use of world technologies and experience with the use of Russian engineering. Over the decades of work in Russia, a vast experience was accumulated in the creation of automated control systems for technological processes, both for relatively small objects and for the largest industrial complexes.

Our partner's expertise is promoted with the help of internal experts, unique high-level specialists. They were entrusted to us to improve the quality of the training skills, which will serve as an impetus both for the appearance of the new demanded training programs for the Client, and for the development of our fruitful cooperation.

Feedback from participants:

"I liked the dynamics, a lot of practical examples";

"Constantly received feedback and involvement in the process";

"New "goodies", which I heard for the first time!"


February, 2018

The international status of Tailored is confirmed in one of the most demanding countries of the world.

After several months of testing programs Tailored successfully develops coaching and consulting work in the UK with the world's most famous product lines, bringing cooperation to a new level of co-creation.
The British audience is considered one of the most demanding in the world, especially in everything related to training and consulting. Even the universally recognized American guru is often not an edict, despite a similar language and cultural origins. But we managed to change this stereotype.

Having implemented co-creation at the most profound level, we create programs together with our British colleagues, the British team, helping them to find new market niches and new mechanisms of work, combining training with the introduction of product solutions.

Feedback from participants:

"We would like to thank you for your experience and professionalism demonstrated at the highest level";

"From the very first minute, it was curious to observe your unique ability to work with people, a subtle approach to each individual and a variety of methods and techniques of presenting various information clearly and distinctly";

"You brought a rich program, which, I'm sure, was imprinted in the memory of all those participants of the training."


January, 2018

In-demand decisions of the new year

Modern trends and regular contact with customers pushed Tailored to create new products, that even before the end of the testing received orders and the interest of Tailored's partners.
The most delicious dishes of our coaching cuisine of the January post-holiday period are:

1. Updated course "CORPORATE DIPLOMACY", which gives skills of effective work in corporate jungles and not only.

2. "ENERGY MANAGEMENT" program, which helps to find sources of energy that we often do not notice, but they are nearby and very simple.

3. Course "PRACTICAL CINEMALOGY", which gives an opportunity from the outside to look at the situation and without unnecessary emotions to resolve difficult issues.

4. The program "DELICIOUS FIGHTS", which allows in the team-building atmosphere not only to conduct diagnostics, but also to work out important skills.

5. Workshop "NETWORKING", which helps without discomfort to expand professional connections, contacts and opportunities.

Well ... New Year begins .... And it is already so interesting!

December, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



November, 2017

Strategies of conquering galaxies

Tailored successfully launched a new version of the strategic interactive game "Galaxy Manager", which helps to develop strategic thinking to managers of different levels from beginning managers to the CEO.
The "Galaxy Manager" by Tailored is one of the best examples of gaming, which allows us to build strategies for promoting and expanding market share ("galaxies") on abstract examples, building ways for new customers ("planets") and regions ("constellations").

Game sessions of the program alternate with summarizing briefs, where participants adjust their strategies, noting their strengths and moments for development, as well as team and individual feedback.

Feedback from participants:

"I did not expect the game to be so useful";

"Gambling, dynamic, exciting";

"A lot of parallels with business, decisions require concerted and thoughtful actions!"


October, 2017

Bright producer in the ranks of Tailored

Tailored has successfully started working with a bright local producer, which unites more than 600 stores in 6 countries and a team of more than 4,000 employees.
Our new partner is a modern, very dynamic Company which close to us in spirit and values such as: innovation, sanity, communication, audacity, sincerity and passion.

Despite the fact that the first program was held for the Company's construction operation, not the simplest and with a specific audience, we received the next order traditionally before the end of the last day of the program.

Feedback from participants:

"Interesting tools with examples";

"Dialogue with the audience";

"Real algorithms and techniques which can be immediately applied!"


September, 2017

Beautiful programs in beautiful places.

Tailored began working with a new Partner, a subsidiary of the country's largest oil company, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Our new Partner receives projects that are at the initial stage of implementation. Each new asset has its own specifics, due to various factors, including the considerable remoteness of the deposits from the existing infrastructure, complex geological structure and natural and climatic conditions. It is the latter circumstance that we attribute a choice of a program realization - directly opposite the Upper Garden in Peterhof, which has become an additional source of inspiration for us and the participants of the program.

Our Partner project managers must select the most efficient way to develop the deposit, organize the infrastructure, form a team, build relationships with all stakeholders ... This is what we did in the game format and with a great enthusiasm. The customer had so many questions that we ended up giving feedback very late in the evening ... but with a great mood!



August, 2017

Tailored conquers the trust of the oldest orthodontic network in Moscow

We started to work with a large Moscow orthodontic and dental network, which was the first to create an orthodontic clinic in the capital of Russia
At the moment more than 20 000 patients from all over the country are on orthodontic treatment in the clinics of our Partner who have been holding the palm of the orthodontics in Russia for 20 years to this day. Our Partner took seriously the question of training their highly qualified personnel, among whom were all levels of the Clinic staff. For example, before the start of cooperation, they checked us in great detail, asking a lot of questions and specifying the smallest details.

This was particularly evident when the owners of the Company took an active and very useful part in the preparation and implementation of the program. The work done and planned allows us to review the issues of positioning, working in difficult situations and improving the quality of service for the most demanding patients at a higher level.

Feedback from participants:

"Available and very interesting material, well interested!";

"We analyzed in detail the real cases, looked at many situations from the side";

"Sincerity and liveliness of communication!"


July, 2017

From Medical trainings to development of standards of service for patients.

As the part of the medical project, new partners, that use trainings as the basis for the formation of new unique intracorporate service standards, are constantly joining Tailored.
Our new partner, a multidisciplinary clinic that has been successfully operating in the St. Petersburg market for about 10 years, understands the importance of this approach, systematically looks at the development of staff, investing in people and creating modern standards of service for patients who remain in Russia's medical institutions great and encouraging rarity…

Consistent work with all groups of employees from the junior administrator to the head doctor gives a system-related result in the heart of the historic center of the Northern capital.

Feedback from participants:

"Fascinating, playful manner of conducting a seminar";

"Time is spent with a benefit! The main thing is that colleagues were here and helped to answer all the questions. Teamwork is very important here!";

"A lot of work!"


June, 2017

Functional corporate in action!

We have successfully brought to market a fundamentally new product that allows you to entertain effectively while learning - "Functional Corporate"
"I'd rather entertain and hope that people have learned something, than just educating people and hoping they are entertained", - once said a great animator Walt Disney. Really studying should be easy, sometimes entertaining, and the most important, as we say in Tailored, always tasty.

According to the opinion of the majority of Tailored clients, modern corporate party should be not just a regular entertainment event, but it should also have clear goals in accordance with the current business situation in the Company and in the market. It should have a comfortable developing unit and a professional feedback. At the same time events should be interesting and pleasant, filled with informal communication.

Realizing these needs, in the summer of 2017 Tailored successfully introduced a new product - "FUNCTIONAL CORPORATE". The essence of this service: to achieve from "seasonal" corporate parties the maximum benefit, both for the company and the collective as a whole, and for each participant in particular through the creative formats available in our arsenal. In doing so, make it the most memorable and emotional, warm and active event. Since everyone has different cultures / experiences / requests / needs, Tailored has developed several combined formats designed for different purposes, tasks and audiences.

For more details contact us info@tailored.ru or use feedback form at the top of the page.

Feedback from participants:

"An incredibly productive and cheerful day!";

"How much you can find out for yourself through informal learning and the joint solution of interesting problems!";

"Finally there is a clear solution how to invest and not spend on traditional corporate gatherings and boring entertainments"


May, 2017

In line with the fastest brand in the world!

Tailored is developing cooperation with one of the leading sports companies in the world, which for 65 years has been promoting the most innovative sports technology in 120 countries and has more than 13,000 employees worldwide.
After several successful test programs from the beginning of the year, Tailored received the necessary credit of trust for working with several divisions of the Company represented by such outstanding personalities as the fastest person on the planet Usain Bolt, pop star Rihanna and the strongest athletes and sport teams of Russia and the world.

In further plans - the entrance to international cooperation, and new levels of development of the training program for this remarkable team.

Feedback from participants:

"So comfortable and constructive and at the right time!";

"Excellent program dynamics";

"Working out the tools with each participant!"


April, 2017

Broke third hundred!

In April 2017 Tailored successfully crossed the threshold of 200 exclusive and diverse training programs in ACTIVE status.
Working in 4 main thematic areas since the day of foundation and recently launched several new Creative Programs, Tailored has struck an unprecedented level for Russian training companies in 200 multi-format products in the field of staff training and development.

This result saved all the principles of the Tailored programs:






We thank our Clients and Partners for the constant incentive to seek new approaches and tools, and bring them to perfection!

March, 2017

Tailored "jars".

We started to work with one of the largest financial institutes in Russia, which is one of three largest banks in Europe in terms of capital.
Our new partner network is represented in Russia by 24 branches located from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The total number of offices providing high-quality banking services exceeds 350.

The complexity of the program was determined not only by the high level of the audience at the director level, but also by the variety of tasks assigned to the stasis by several internal customers, contact and interaction with which Tailored achieved the desired result.

Feedback from participants:

"I liked the training very much. A good coach who feels the audience, tries to involve all employees, monitors attention, gives practice and not theory. I would like very much to work with him in the future";

"I liked the intention with instruments";

"Training is fire!"


February, 2017

Tailored in the scientific community.

We begun a cooperation with the world's leading producer of equipment for clinical laboratory diagnostics and scientific research in various fields of biology, medicine and industry with a turnover of more than $ 17 billion and staff of more than 50,000 people.
Our partner's mission is to help clients to make the world healthy, safe and clean, and we completely share these values.

We started to work with one of the Company's divisions, and we were immediately recommended to the second one, which also remained pleased our work and initiated a joint fruitful work.

Feedback from participants:

"Sincerity, without posturing, objectivity";

"I could see the interest of my colleagues";

"Everything I got at the training, I can use in work and life!"


January, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends, partners and colleagues!



December, 2016

Motivational Club of Russia in Security.

December 13, 2016 Tailored organized the Jubilee meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia, which was held under the auspices of an interesting and always relevant topic: "Everything that HR wants to know about the company's Security Service but hesitates to ask."
The program of the meeting included an interesting and full of examples speech by Yuri Pokalyuk, General Director of «Infocorpus». The subject of his report: "TOP 10 secrets of the Security Service of the Company" and as part of his speech several questions were discussed:

- What does the Security Service usually keep silent about?

- Motivation of the Security Service as a linear unit in the company;

- How and when can you effectively do without the Security Service?

-How to train managers about security issues (industrial espionage, conflicts of interest, difficult layoffs, etc.)?

- Complex cases, involvement and role of the Security Service.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants, among whom were HR leaders and security directors of companies such as Nissan Russia, Ilim Group, Rolf, Drogery Retail, Roca Rus, OKEY, Zvezda Energetika, Megafon Retail, Antal Russia, Department of Revenue Services of Russia, UPM-Kymmene, Tikkurila, and other market leaders, dismantled the actual life case for the difficult dismissal of the employee, and worked out solutions on how to competently build cooperation between HR and the Security Service. In conclusion of the meetings all the participants of the Motivational were waited with special gifts for the anniversary of the Club from the organizers.

See you on the next meetings in the Motivational Club of Russia in the New Year!



November, 2016

A centuries-old service with Tailored.

We have begun a fruitful cooperation with one of the oldest global brands in the field of service, represented in 24 countries of Europe and Asia.
A large international business that provides exclusive service in the field of cleanliness and special clothing for more than 170 years in the world and 20 years in Russia chose Tailored as a key supplier of employee development programs.

Starting with a multi-stage work with the Sales Department of the Company, we traditionally received a new order for work with a team of top management, with which we also successfully coped.

Feedback from participants:

"I liked the presentation of information in a positive and educational way. Keep it up!";

"There are a lot of secret chips that I did not know about";

"Vivacity and involvement, ease of perception of the coach"


October, 2016

Tailored creative pharmaceuticals industry.

We started to cooperate with an innovative global pharmaceutical company on a creative note.
Our new partner, the international leader in the production of pharmaceutical products with Bavarian roots, started our cooperation by gathering the entire company's management in the westernmost point of our country and choosing one of the most creative and developing Tailored programs.

There was following interest in ordering our more pragmatic training products, and the souvenir of our first project took an honorable place in our partner's office.



September, 2016

On-line with Tailored.

We have successfully started to work in the field of consulting and staff training with one of the most convenient financial on-line services, presented in 25 countries of the world.
Civilized European financial services are still an innovation for Russia, but we love everything new, progressive and interesting. It is mutual interest and the desire to develop customer experience quality that has become the basis for a multi-level staff development consulting program, which already has further plans.

Feedback from participants:

"I really liked the training. It helps a lot to consider and understand situations, to identify shortcomings when talking to customers";

"It was useful to learn new techniques and ways of communication; all this can be used in real everyday life!";

"I liked how information was presented, there was a look at myself from the side"


August, 2016

Tailored and the “aromagic” of a true coffee.

Tailored won the tender and successfully started to work on several key areas with the world's largest coffee producer.
The international coffee company, which started production in the 18th century and now is the absolute leader of several categories, the strongest player and expert on the coffee market, chose Tailored as a training provider for its production teams as well as for the key team of sellers in Russia.

Long-term multistage programs will include both expert sessions tailored specifically to the needs of the Company, as well as fundamental programs aimed at creating a corporate knowledge base.

Feedback from participants:

"Interesting, vivid examples and the possibility of further practical application of knowledge";

"I liked the atmosphere, many games, amicably, emphasized important details";

"Very helpful!"


July, 2016

Tailored in the holy of holies of information

Tailored successfully started cooperation with one of the largest and most modern commercial data processing center in the country.
Tailored’s new partner is one of the most high-tech companies in Russia, who provides a full range of DC-outsourcing services - from renting ready-to-connect places in server modules to developing a set of measures to protect customers’ business from information and communication risks.

Having the most reliable technical advantages in terms of world standards, the Company chose Tailored as the most reliable supplier for its staff training and development. The first trainings, in which both beginners and top managers took part, showed excellent potential and efficiency of cooperation.

Feedback from participants:

"Qualitative serious program";

"High level of preparation and execution";

"A lot of mobile involvement!"


June, 2016

The European leader chose Tailored for its key employees.

Tailored won a tender for a two-year exclusive contact to train the largest paper supplier in Europe and the CIS.
The largest world dealer of paper with a turnover of more than 500 million euros and annual sales of more than 500,000 tons of paper products, having conducted a multi-stage tender, chose our team for training middle and top management as an exclusive provider of its Corporate Business Academy in the CIS.

The program will include multi-module programs for employees of various levels from top management to heads of branches and departments. A number of programs and business stimulants will be developed specifically for the client in the best traditions of Tailored. The first stage of the program was recently held in Moscow. High level and European quality of the training was noted also by the Corporation's executive director who flew to one of the programs from the Company's headquarters in Vienna.

Feedback from participants:

"Good dynamics of training!";

"Practical assignments on examples of our work, many associative series!";

"Everything was clear and concrete"


May, 2016

Creative formats of Tailored programs win the most demanding and sophisticated audience.

The summer Tailored trend - rational integration of creative formats into business programs that allow you to use comfortably all senses, fantasy, creativity, non-standard thinking and, in addition to performing clear business results of the program, become a real adventure for participants of all levels.
In May Tailored shared one of his creative programs "Malevich" CREATIVE MODULE with the most sophisticated audience - HR Directors and experts from the most diverse and respected companies in the market. As a result - excellent mood, a lot of practice, conclusions and, of course, expansion of the package of orders of the presented program for both middle managers and top managers.

Also in the summer 2016 the most curious Tailored creative formats are:








April, 2016

A new partnership with the market leader.

Tailored opened a new page of partnership with several divisions of Russia's largest oil and gas company.
Having started a successful cooperation several years ago, Tailored confidently expands it via working with the new divisions of one of the most successful companies in the country. The secret of the development of cooperation is obvious: according to the results of anonymous reports on the results of trainings, 100% of participants recommend training to their colleagues.

Feedback from participants:

"I liked the involvement of each participant in the training, the activity, the richness of the program materials, a lot of practice”;

"An interesting manner of reporting information";

"Practice and analysis of real cases in real organizations!"


March, 2016

Tailored was told – YES!

We started a cooperation with one of the most promising and profitable start-ups in the Russian sky.
The most ambitious and successful project of apart-hotels in modern Russia, an example of a new product for the Russian market with more than 1,500 aparthoteles in Moscow and St. Petersburg, chose Tailored. The new staff development program allowed a systematic development of all services involved in working with clients.

Feedback from participants:

"I really liked the training! Everything was clear and to the point! All material is easy to perceive";

"Practical tasks on examples of our professional field!";

"Information is structured, you can immediately use it!"


February, 2016

Winter meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia was on a high note!

Tailored held the winter meeting of the Russian Motivational Club in a panoramic room on the 18th floor in Azimut Hotel St. Petersburg. The meeting subject: "Creative tools for people and teams development in practice".
The main motive of the meeting was a bright report by the Head of the Training and Development Department of the largest in Russia retail network "Magnit" (JSC "Tander") Victoria Grinkova on the topic "Modeling creative tools for personnel development." In the second part of the meeting, Victoria conducted a demonstration master class "Cinema-Coaching", which was created specifically for our audience.
Experts from leading Russian and international companies and corporations such as IKEA, International medical center Sogaz, Caterpillar, TPV, Baltic Shipbuilding Factory, KraftHeinz, Kirov Factory, RBI, OKEY, Lengazspetsstroy, KBR East, IRBIS, Lenta, NCC, Perfume Group, Japan Tobacco International, GC Hermes, Baltik Petrolium, LSR Group and many others. See you on our new interesting meetings, dear friends!



January, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



December, 2015

New strategies and new meanings.

The threshold of the new year is always filled with new plans and meanings. Today, when the situation on a lot of markets is changing rapidly under the influence of macroeconomic factors, it has become the most relevant for us and for our customers.
December is the month of strategic sessions for 2 years in a row. This is a joint development of new approaches and new goals for units and companies in general. This is an opportunity to "return to zero" in order to improve efficiency.
Tailored has substantially updated the approach to conducting strategic sessions based on the best technologies that make participants answer difficult and uncomfortable questions. At the same time, we help our partners to cope with psychological stress and charge up energy, making programs warm, dynamic and creative.



November, 2015

Tasty solutions from Tailored.

Tailored opened a new page of the cooperation with the largest Russian company for the development and production of healthy food products on a fruit basis: natural juices, nectars and fruit drinks.
In the unique portfolio of the company's brands - juice brand No. 1 in Russia in management one of Europe's largest plants with a total production capacity of over 790 million liters per year, as well as its own research and development center.

Feedback from participants:

"The training was organized in a dialogue mode. There was no dividing into blocks of theory and practice, so it helped to understand the material";

"Thanks for the restructuring of the training for the needs of the participants";

"It is extremely useful and very positive! I will attend next trainings with great pleasure!"


October, 2015

Tailored at the «minefield».

Working with IT specialists, especially with programmers, has always been considered a kind of "minefield" in training. Non-standard and creative people living in the world of high technologies - traditionally are not the most frequent guests on training programs. Tailored decided to break this stereotype by starting cooperation with the leading international IT service to analyze competitors.
Here the name of our company had to work "in full". Customization applied not only to the specifics of traditional cases, but also to the timings and structure of programs. A joint informal team was formed between the internal Customer, its HR-specialists and Tailored employees. It allowed to deliver the program "directly from the knife", operatively and efficiently. Many thanks to the guys for their participation and involvement! This is a co-creation.

Feedback from participants:

"A lot of practice, fun and applicable in life!";

"Group exercises helped to understand not only tools, but also colleagues";

"I noticed a lot for coach. I'll switch some of his «chips»."


September, 2015

Tailored organized the Jubilee meeting of the Motivational Club in Mercedes-Benz.

September 24, 2015 Tailored successfully held the Jubilee meeting of the Motivation Club of Russia at a site of the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz and SMART "Zvezda Nevy Krestiansky". The actual subject of the autumn meeting was "How to «turn on» the team: the creation of a system to increase the involvement and satisfaction of employees".
The meeting was opened by Olga Sergeeva, the head of the Mercedes-Benz and SMART Salon "Zvezda Nevy Krestiansky " with the actual case for the company "How to inspire the staff in difficult times?". The case was considered in details by the Club members and many practical recommendations were offered.

In the second part of the meeting, participants were greeted with interest, with a rich variety of examples, "Creating a working system to improve employee satisfaction" from Yana Poplavskaya, KBR Personnel Director in Russia.

The meeting was traditionally filled with an active exchange of participants' experience, among which were leading HR experts from such major companies and corporations as VTB24, Europapier, MegaFon Retail, Coca-Cola Hellenic, UK START, Hilton, OMZ-Spetsstal, KraftHeinz, Lenta, Onninen, Baltinvest Bank, Dieta18, Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy, SemRush, DeltaCredit Bank, Brewery Baltika, Marriott, Budu Mamoy, IRBIS, United Elements, Lenenergo, Jeppesen, Severstal and many others.

See you soon on new meetings of the Motivational Club of Russia!



August, 2015

Tailored in the best Japanese traditions.

Japanese culture has always been special, original and unique, requiring a special approach. Tailored found such an approach while preparing programs for the country's largest chain of stores specializing in the development of Japanese knife culture in Russia.
Our partner successfully develops business in the CIS through various sales channels, including its own retail network, wholesale channels, franchising and online stores. He began cooperation with Tailored at various levels: from directors to sellers and specialists. Traditionally we received applications for the pursuing programs in several departments at the end of the first training.

Feedback from participants:

"A lot of practice and analysis!";

"Experience is important - proven experience";

"I liked the activity and professionalism of the coach, he knows to not only how to teach, but also how to convey the right mood"


June-July, 2015

Constant quality control of Tailored trainings: keeping the bar!

According to the results of the annual evaluation of the quality of Tailored's work based on a written anonymous survey of each participant of each (!) training, 99% of participants of our trainings still recommend Tailored programs to their colleagues.

We are proud of this result, our partners and our team!
Only for the last month:

- We launched a new project with a new interesting and difficult partner - the leader of its market in Russia;

- Won 4 tenders in the largest Russian and international companies for 2015-2016;

- We have awarded 115 certificates for passing multi-module courses of Tailored.

Thank you for your trust, together we develop our teams – this is the most important motivation for a confident and conscious development!


May, 2015

A new source of energy has been created.

After a detailed 3-month testing in various teams and companies Tailored successfully launched the new program "Professional Welfare".
Many studies conducted in 2014-2015, clearly demonstrated the complex trends in the field of work with personnel: People have a fear of uncertainty; There is no confidence in the future; People do not know where to take energy; Many products and services lose their former relevance; With reductions, employees with key knowledge are lost; People are emotionally depleted, and as a consequence - they are closed and insufficiently initiative for new conditions and changes.

We thought about the sources and technologies for mobilizing the energy of employees in the workplace understanding the causes and possible consequences of such trends, because the tasks and the shrinking market require doubled energy, and not the other way around.

We focused on technologies that help employees concentrate on their strengths, drawing additional energy in a clear connection between personal and corporate goals, being able to fix and hold out the achieved results, avoiding energy sinks in a timely manner. An important part of the program is testing, indication and research of the level of professional well-being of the partner company on the basis of a technique specially developed at the Department of Psychological Support of Professional Activity of St. Petersburg State University.

We successfully conducted several programs and received feedback from the participants and came to the key result that the technologies presented in the Tailored program "Professional Wellbeing" allow not only to generate additional energy, but also to combine personal and corporate strategies, indicating a fundamentally new level of employee motivation.

Feedback from participants:

"I learned to build correctly and sort plans for the future, counting on my strength ...";

"I found an approach to a difficult boss, and most importantly - a soft clarity of what I can and how I move forward in the work";

"There are many useful things that I can apply in my personal and professional life, new approaches have been found"


April, 2015

Tailored with Swedish accent.

Tailored successfully started a cooperation with a large, internationally based holding company in Sweden, which unites dozens of companies in the field of a real estate development.
The new Tailored’s partner has been successfully operating in Russia since 1972. During this time, dozens of large-scale projects have been implemented in the field of civil and industrial construction, facilities of national scale, construction of roads and contract work for foreign investors and major international companies such as Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, AssiDoman, AGA, Master Foods, Samsung.

Today the formation of unified sales standards, customer service and the emphasis on competitive advantages have been entrusted to Tailored and to our consistent program of training and development of personnel of various levels and areas of responsibility.

Feedback from participants:

"Everything is clear and structured";

"Very little theory is great!";

"A large choice of tools"


March, 2015

Tailored medical program at the federal level in Russia.

Tailored successfully launched the federal medical program "Competitive Medicine" in several regions of the country.
Today there is a complicated situation in Russian healthcare, it is connected with a significant reduction in staff, increased workload and requirements for the quality of services provided, the need to maintain the competitiveness of medical organizations. In this regard, there was an urgent need to improve the quality of staff development and training in key business competencies, which will allow to solve more complex and important tasks for Russian society with less human resources .

After semi-annual testing and preparation, Tailored successfully launched a short-term training workshop in the Central and Ural regions of Russia. Tailored program "Competitive medicine" represents a 5-modular variant training complex for improving the business skills of doctors, administrative and senior medical staff, which will maximize the use of medicine in the medicine accumulated by Russian and European businesses. he program is designed to help Russian medicine to be closer to European standards of service, management, communication and work with clients, patients and counterparts. That is what the Russian medicine lacks the most according to numerous surveys.

Feedback from participants:

"We have never learned this! Extremely useful information ";

"Already started to apply. It expands the possibilities";

"Practical tools that are really applicable to us and skillfully fixed skills!"


February, 2015

Employee’s well-being in the Winter Meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia.

February 4, 2015 there was the winter meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia, organized by Tailored and its partners in the five-star Golden Garden Boutique Hotel.
The program of the meeting included a speech by Yemelyanov ("JTI", "Lenta") on a subject "The concept of 5 elements of well-being as a new approach to corporate motivation". Alexey is a member of the Board of the Association of Career Professionals "ACP Russia", the business coach of the ICF.

In the second part of the meeting, an expert and author of books on stress management, Anastasia Borisova, made a practical master class "The Secrets of the Physical Well-Being of an Employee", and she won the attention of the entire audience.

The meeting was accompanied by traditional cases, the exchange of experience, the analysis of the latest trends, warm communication and active open discussions of experts representing the leading businesses of Russia and the world: CJSC Tander (Magnit), Tikkurila, Brewery Baltika, NCC, Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy, Hilton International, TPV, Franke, Okey, Azimut Hotels, JTI Petro, Heineken and many others.

Thanks to the participants and the host, we are looking forward to see you at our next events!



January, 2015

New Year and new projects of Tailored.

In the new 2015 Tailored began cooperation with one of the most ambitious local development projects of the elite class.
The training program for the first stage of cooperation included the valuable association of a team of technical specialists and project managers on the basis of modern command management technologies.

Feedback from participants:

"Training is built like a game. Situations applicable to life";

"Everything passed in an easy, cognitive form, without straining, very useful!";

"Definitely recommend!"


December, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



November, 2014

Tailored flows into dairy rivers.

Tailored began cooperation with the largest Russian dairy producer, which has more than 10,000 employees and more than 30 production sites, as well as sales centers in more than 25 cities in Russia and CIS countries.
They immediately committed Tailored to work with the most complex and demanding levels of management - top and middle managers. The program turned out to be active, creative and memorable. Based on the results of the program, the team's development plans were drawn up, barriers were identified and rules for interaction were established.

Feedback from participants:

"Excellent dynamic program";

"A lot of useful tools";

"Today I found a technology that is very necessary for me now!"


October, 2014

Motivational Club of Russia under Tailored direction: 2 years of effective work.

In October 2014, the Russian Motivational Club celebrated its second anniversary with a meeting on a topic: "Evaluation and analysis of employee involvement: experience, practices and actions based on received information"
The beginning of the meeting was marked by the bright speech by Yuliya Sonnikova, Head of the HR Department of the ITM Group, and her co-speaker Ekaterina Svetenkova, the Director for Organizational Development (VimpelCom, Ilim Group) on a subject «Experience and approaches to assessing engagement personnel on examples of ITM companies, VimpelCom (Beeline) and Ilim Group».

The second part was remembered by a presentation of the expert, Talent & Engagement Manager of Coca-Cola Hellenic Russia, Anna Soldatkina, who flew specially from Moscow to our meeting. The subject of her report - "Tools and actions based on information received from interviews on the involvement of Coca-Cola Hellenic employees."

Of course, the meeting was accompanied by traditional cases from the inviting party (ITM Group), with active open discussions of experts, the exchange of experience, the analysis of recent trends and fresh findings, and the presentation of gifts to all the participants of the Club. International Coach Magazine took a special interview devoted to the anniversary, among the active members of the Club, which is available on the website of our partners: http://emg-prof.org/docs/coach_motivation_club.pdf

See you at the next events!



September, 2014

A new world leader together with Tailored.

Tailored has successfully started a cooperation with the world's largest transport operator, which has a 140-year history, more than 2,000 offices around the world and is the first in terms of traffic in Europe.
Starting with the traditional deep training, Tailored specialists adapted the program to the applied tasks as much as possible and involved within reasonable limits the preparation of internal Customers, which gave the expected high result and fulfillment of the intended goals. As a result of the training, Tailored immediately received orders and agreed on the extension of exclusive cooperation for the next year.

Feedback from participants:

"The training was held at a very high level";

"The program allowed to think about important issues!";

"Enough practice and not boring!"


August, 2014

Tailored opens new markets.

Tailored successfully started a cooperation with one of the largest players in the fastener market in Russia with a turnover of over one billion rubles and numbering more than 40 offices in all regions of the country.
After qualitatively conducted programs for all categories of employees from ordinary sellers to the owners of the Company, it was decided to expand cooperation with Tailored, including a system of workshops, in-depth courses, development and construction of an individual, competitive segment of the Company's competencies.

Feedback from participants:

"A well-planned program";

"It is interesting and practical!";

"The best training of those that we had!"


July, 2014

Tailored at the highest level.

Having started a cooperation with Tailored, Russia's largest hotel chain and the world's largest hotel in Russia (more than 9000 rooms in 19 cities in Russia and Europe) entrusted us immediately with training the most demanding and experienced audience - general directors of hotels and senior managers.
As a result, Tailored received the next contract before the end of the first program, which successfully was held in Russian and English and became the basis for developing a unique own format of the image of managers in accordance with the culture and values ??of our partner.

Feedback from participants:

"Professionalism, openness of the coach and quick reaction to the audience!";

"The perfect balance of theory and practice, excellent visual material. It's nice to talk with a professional trainer so effectively";

"Drive, clarity of presentation, clarity of purpose! All the goals have been achieved"


May-June, 2014

The motivation of project teams is on tap for.

June 17 Tailored with its partners organized and successfully held the Summer meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia.
The subject of the summer meeting was the "Personnel motivation system in project teams". The keynote presentation was by Olga Smirnova, HR Director and organizational development of Plaza Lotus Group, one of Russia's largest developers. In the course of the case study for the Motivational Club, the motivation of the project team was discussed: tools, practice, analysis of pros and cons on specific examples.

In the second part of the meeting our partners from EMG Professionals presented results of analytics and research: "The main trends of motivation of project teams in the labor market. Supply and demand".

Summer meeting of the Motivation Club, in spite of the holidays, traditionally gathered more than 50 practitioners and professionals of the largest and most successful businesses in Russia and the world: Hilton, Gazprom Neft, United Elements, Russian Glass Company, Kirovsky Zavod, Beck and Pollitzer, LSR, Ilim Timber, Okey, Rosengineering, Carlsberg group, Lenta, Mostostroy No. 6, Tranzas Group, Tikkurila and many others.

See you at the next events!



March-April, 2014

Co-Creation: the joint creation of a value by internal and external resources at the spring meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia.

The co-founders of the Motivational Club "Tailored" and "EMG-Professionals" together with the chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets "Prisma", the largest retailer of Scandinavia and the North-West of Russia, successfully held a spring meeting of the Motivational Club on a subject "Co-creation: the joint creation of a value by internal and external resources"
Today we can create a value together: all kinds of suppliers and buyers gathered and then created values ??that everyone has arranged! What's next? Create new ones! This is a co-creation chip! Today we enjoy the same quality of goods or services, tomorrow we need something else. We need more and more. But in this process it is difficult to stop. So the joint creation of values ??for all areas is the approach. This is the purpose and mission of co-creation.

The program of the meeting included the speech by Anna Kolesnikova, HR Director of Prisma in Russia on a subject: "Implementing a bonus system based on Co-creation of internal and external resources", and by one more speech by the international leader of innovations Oracle company on a subject "The joint creation of value based on high technologies".

Traditionally a special part in the program was occupied by practical cases. Heads of personnel services and C & B market leaders such as SPB Renovation, Yota, K-rauta, Pepsico | Wimm-Bill-Dann, Park Inn by Radisson, Intermedia, Brewing Company Baltika, UPM, Sokos Hotels, GC Partner, Pratt & Whitney-Rus, KBR East, Tricolor TV, ITM Group and many others took part in the spring meeting.

We are waiting for you at the following events of the Club!



February, 2014

Tailored will help Russia to be more open.

In the context of the foreign policy peripetias and the tensions of the investment climate the Russian division of Tailored announced the start of the training program "OPEN RUSSIA".
"OPEN RUSSIA" program includes 2 large sections and several practical modules.
THE FIRST SECTION OF THE PROGRAM will help foreigners who work in Russia or companies that plan to enter the Russian market to act more confidently and efficiently. The modules of the first section:

1) "Features of doing business in Russia: what do you need to know for a successful entry into the Russian market";
2) "Technologies and tools for effective negotiations with the Russian partners";
3) "Basic skills and tools of effective management in Russia";

THE SECOND SECTION of the program is dedicated to companies that serve Russian tourists and Russian business abroad. Here the module accents will be placed in other way:

1) "Technologies of effective service for Russian customers in the field of sales and hospitality";
2) "Practical tools of upselling (focus on clients from Russia and the CIS)";
3) "Technologies for building interaction with Russian clients and managing conflict situations";
4) "Peculiarities of management by workers - immigrants from the former USSR". .

In the Program there are a lot of practical tools, techniques, role-play games, video clips, stories. All of them are illustrated with the examples of important features of business in Russia and the Russian character, and how to understand us and accept.


January, 2014

Tailored congratulates its Partners and Colleagues with the New Year and Christmas holidays!



December, 2013

Tailored carries out its obligations and commits new ones.

Our experience in the charitable project with the largest Russian foster home (No. 4 in Pavlovsk) received excellent reviews, and Tailored decided to extend this it for 2014. Moreover, several of our Clients and Partners expressed their desire to join the project in 2014, create programs with us and attract volunteers.
Feedback from participants:

"It was easy to perceive information. All people were included in the work. I got specific tools";

"I was accepted as I am without blaming my actions";

"I was at another person's place, I received very interesting information for myself and I realized that I have to work on myself"


November, 2013


We are honored to inform you that according to the Research and Ranking, published in the October number of the Coach Magazine, today Tailored is THE MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING COMPANY in Russia.
It is especially important that while making the rating journalists and analysts of Coach Magazine decided to take as a basis the satisfaction score of more than a hundred of the largest Russian and international companies, that are constant and the most demanding customers of training services on the Russian market.

For work out the criteria for ranking the most effective training companies, Coach Magazine used the approach of Donald Kilpatrick, which is the most effective and applicable approach in the evaluation of training programs. More information about the study, ranking and criteria is available here: http://coachmag.ru/articles/prakticheskie-treningi-berut-palmu-pervenstva/

After a festive awarding Konstantin Kora, General Director and Managing Partner of the training company Tailored, agreed to answer questions from the journalists from Coach Magazine in an exclusive interview: http://coachmag.ru/articles/prakticheskie-treningi-isklyuchitelno/

We are very grateful to Tailored Customers and Partners for their support and appreciation of our daily work, and to each of Tailored employee and coach for the continuous improvement of our already high standards of work. We will not dwell on what has been already achieved!



October, 2013


Tailored together with its partners held a jubilee meeting of the Motivational Club, which turned a year. The event was hosted by Baltika Brewery Company.
The evening began with a tour on the industrial sites of “Baltika-St Petersburg” factory. At the end of the tour, we proceeded to the main part. The first presentation was given by Nina Illarionova, the head of the department of compensations and benefits of the company, who spoke about the policy of rewarding in Baltika and presented 2 practical cases for group discussions. After solving the cases, we broke for the degustation of Baltika's products and celebrated the anniversary of the Motivational Club, that miraculously coincided with the Oktoberfest holiday.

Julia Sonnikova, HR Director of ITM Group holding, a business trainer with more than 10 years of experience in corporate training systems for Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia and Beeline, conducted the second practical session – game “Compass of Motivation”. The game's methodology allowed participants to practice the definition of each other's motives and highlight the issues that give the greatest result in revealing their true motivation.

Together with our partners from EMG-Professionals several heads and experts of HR and C&B of such reputable companies as Wurth, JTI Petro, HEINEKEN Breweries, Baltiysky Factory, Heinz Russia, Intermedia, GC ALIDI, KIT Finance, Lenta, Nevsky Syndicate, Nissan Manufacturing RUS, OKEY, Alers, Orkla Brands Russia, OBR, Roka Rus, Kirov Factory, Fazer, Russian Glass Company and many others participated in the anniversary of Motivational Club.

We thank you for your active participation in the Club and will do everything to make it even more interesting, more representative and practical!



September, 2013

Tailored together with the world leader in innovation in the forest industry.

Tailored began a successful cooperation with the leading international forest industry concern, one of the few companies in the industry that combines innovation, manufacturability and environmental responsibility. The company has about 22,000 employees and is represented in 67 countries around the world.
After completing all the qualifying stages and conducting "trial" trainings, Tailored began to fulfill the set tasks for the development of personnel on several regional sites, working both with employees engaged in interaction with customers, and with the support functions and production workers.

Feedback from participants:

"I liked absolutely the whole training!";

"The information was given in different ways - you will not get bored ...";

"The coach knows how to involve all the participants. Many practical tasks!"


July-August, 2013

Fresh trends of summer 2013.

Warm summer days did not reduce the working efficiency of partners and customers of Tailored, contrary to all seasonal trends they provoked unprecedented activity in various regions of Russia, inspiring us to new ideas and new trends.
One of such trends was the shift in focus from the traditional target group for training and development - middle and top management for young people. Our partners began to pay more and more attention to their Personnel reserves, young regional units, youth assets.

A variety of training for young promising specialists and managers has been supplemented by the creation of formalized structures operating according to rules clearly formulated by participants.

A bright event in the end of the summer was the Youth Meeting of the new partner of Tailored, the country's largest shipbuilding company. During the suburban event, the participants not only successfully passed the training and team building program, but also took an active part in the contest of their own ideas and projects.


June, 2013

Multitasking performance under a time pressure or special aspects of a training for marketers.

Recently we discovered that our magazine has permanent (!) and very respected readers. It was a surprise, because we thought the magazine was just a news almanac of our work. But the news was accompanied by a request - to report not only our news, but also interesting cases from practice. We react quickly.

This month we came across an interesting case. Our long-time partner FMCG Corporation with a worldwide reputation and brands No. 1 in its industry, made another order in Tailored: leadership and management training for its elite team, the Marketing Department in Russia.

The situation was not easy from the very beginning: there was no direct contact with the internal Customer due to a foreign business trip, the number of training topics in the internal order that came 2 days before the training by e-mail, as well as their range could include up to 6 full program. It was impossible to expand the program (move it, split into parts) - time is short, the experience and requests of the participants were also very different.

To solve the case successfully, we used 3 approaches. First, creative focus tasks based on the knowledge of the specifics of the group's work and revealing their creative potential. Secondly, brainstorming with team dynamics and the desire to find the right solutions on their own. Next, cases in which it was necessary to apply the tools learned in the training. The group was responsive on 100%. As a result, the "miracle" was accomplished, the customer is satisfied, the desired results are obtained.
Feedback from participants:

"We achieved almost impossible: we discussed all the topics interesting to the group";

"Key points are covered with details, a lot of teamwork, interesting, dynamic";

"The best trainer and training"


May, 2013

Internal customer in the focus of the Motivational Club

May 21, 2013 we held a regular meeting of the MOTIVATIONAL CLUB. The subject of the meeting was a special and topical "HOW TO ACHIEVE PARTNERSHIP WITH THE INNER CUSTOMER?". The topic is important primarily due to the fact the quality of the partnership with the internal Customer directly affects the work efficiency of the expert on compensation and benefits or HR employee in the company and the opportunity to realize their ideas and potential.

The speech and practical case "INVOLVED MANAGEMENT IN HR PROJECTS" were given by Ekaterina Rumyantseva, who has been heading of the Personnel Directorate of CJSC “KBR-East” since 2010. "KBR" - in the world it is more than 50 thousand of workers in 47 countries of the world. According to the results of work in 2011, Ekaterina was recognized as the MVP in KBR.

Practical session of the meeting with specific tools on the topic "How to achieve partnership with the internal customer on the example of HR?" was presented by Konstantin Kora, managing partner of Tailored and co-founder of the Motivational Club.

Representatives of the largest businesses of Russia and the world such as: Azimut Hotels, OJSC Kirov Factory, Heinz, Okey, LSR Group, Prisma, Liybimy Kray, Sokos, TPV, Bank Aleksandrovsky, Atlas Copco, UPM-Kymmene and others traditionally took part in the discussion.

See you in the Club!


April, 2013

Tailored in terms of modern retail.

Having successfully having passed all the stages of selection Tailored was chosen as the main supplier of training for one of the most modern European retailers in Russia, the market leader in customer service quality, assortment and growth rates.

A multi-level long-term development program of the team assumes a special focus on managerial competencies at all levels of management of a rapidly developing retailer. Top managers of the Company have already taken part in Tailored programs.
Feedback from participants:

"A lot of new, fresh look at familiar things!";

"Simplicity in the perception of the material, a variety of tasks and forms of work";

"We will highly recommend it!"


February-March, 2013

New tools of Motivational Club

March 14, 2013 Tailored held a regular meeting of the Motivational Club. Given the recent changes in the legislation and the relevance of the renegotiation of contracts, the leader of the interrogation of members of the Club was a topic of voluntary medical insurance. The particularity of the meeting was the lack of VHI providers, which allowed an impartial and unbiased assessment of the situation. Our task is practical solutions.

We invited two speakers-practitioners:

Tatiana Baksha, corporate manager for compensation and benefits of the company "OBR - Orkla Brands Russia", who shared practical experience and offered participants practical cases. A subjects of her speech: "Unification of the approach to VHI under the conditions of the merger of companies".

Aleksei Nikolaev, a lawyer who specializes in medical law and represents ONEGIN Lawyers Group, spoke about the risks of companies when working with VHI providers within the framework of the existing system and in connection with the forthcoming changes in the legislation and answered questions related to meeting the specific tasks of the meeting participants.

The spring session of the Motivational Club was attended by: Roca Rus, Russian Standard, Unilever, Brewery Baltika, Prisma, Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy, Gazprom Neft, Fazer, General Motors Auto, Kirov Factory, Okey and many other market leaders.

Until the next meeting of the Club in May!


January, 2013

The Finnish approach to choose a provider.

There are two characteristics of Finnish companies in working with suppliers. First - Finns are patriotic and prefer to work with compatriots, which causes respect, the second - they admit to the "family" the representatives of other countries, only after careful and scrupulous analysis of the partner. However, this approach allows you to choose a truly reliable and suitable supplier.

Tailored became such a supplier after a series of test programs. Being selected as the main training provider for the SOKOS hotel chain in Russia, which belongs to the largest Finnish SOK group, Tailored participated in the creation of the concept of Sokos Sales Academy projects and Sokos Management School, which includes a number of innovative approaches in immersing program participants into the current business environment in context of the training topic.
Feedback from participants:

"The way of information transfer is perfect! Video, slides, games - great balance";

"Live interest!";

"Effective exercises that can be successfully applied in practice"


Deceber, 2012

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear colleagues and partners!

We wish that this year your life will be filled with light and warmth that come from the children's drawings of our New Year's card. We want to tell you a short story about them.
In 2012 life conducted us to a "special" place - the Foster Home No. 4, there "special" babies with deviations in mental development find their shelter.

Several visits to the Foster Home No. 4 helped us to get to know the inhabitants of this place better, to find out how they live and who cares about them. It was very pleasant to learn that several charitable organizations have been working in the territory of the Foster Home No. 4 for many years. It makes the lives of these children every day better, warmer and lighter, prolonging their short life. After all that we have learned, we of course could not stay away.

Now we are at the beginning of a special annual charitable project of the cooperation with the Foster Home No. 4, within which each of its participants will be able to provide all possible assistance and take part in the life of this place. Perhaps you want to join this project and learn more about how such "special" children live and how you can make their lives better. We will be very happy about this!



November, 2012

Motivational Club began a successful work.

November 29 was held the second meeting on motivation, compensation and benefits. For the first time it was held in the format of MOTIVATIONAL CLUB organized by Tailored in cooperation with the EMG-Professionals. The host of the Club was "PARK INN BY RADISSON PULKOVSKAYA".

Within the framework of the meeting, Yulia Kirsanova (GAZPROMNEFT) gave a colorful speech and told about the GRADE SYSTEM and best practices of Gazprom Neft in this. She also resented the case for group discussion. The second speech “EFFECTIVE PROLONGATION FROM INTRODUCED BENEFIT" was presented by experts from EMG PROFESSIONAL. It was based on a survey of specialists in personnel and candidates. The moderator of the event was TAILORED.

Heads of personnel services and experts on compensation and benefits of such companies as International Paper, OJSC Ilim Group, Baltiyskaya Zhemchuzhina, Pratt & Whitney-Rus, Lenta, GC Eurosib, Silovye Mashiny, Prisma, Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy, Orkla Brands Russia, GC Alidi, Tikkurilla, Kirov Factory, Heinz Russia, Gazprom Neft, Unilever and many other market leaders.



October, 2012

Tailored in construction business.

Tailored began an active cooperation with the largest developer of Russia, the absolute leader in the production of concrete, sand mining, the production of ceramic bricks, development and construction of housing, including more than 60 companies and 16,000 employees.

As a part of the long-term project, Tailored team focused primarily on prospective managers who are a part of the Group's candidate pool.
Feedback from participants:

"Very useful, interesting. The main thing! Everything is very applied, no water";

"Expectations were less than what we received. There is a feeling that a lot has been received, much more has been discovered and I would like to continue on a regular basis";

"I liked the dynamics and openness! A full detailed answers were received to all questions. One of the most interesting trainings for the last 2 years!”


September, 2012

A new professional site for compensation and benefits.

Tailored acted as one of the organizers and moderators of the first professional platform in St. Petersburg to discuss issues of compensation and benefits. A roundtable "COMPENSATIONS AND BENEFITS: TRENDS, INNOVATIONS AND DECISIONS OF 2012 " was organized together with the Pulkovo Airport ("Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy”) and the leading recruiting company EMG-Professionals.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the largest companies of Russia and the world such as Gazprom Neft, Kirovsky Factory, Baltika Breweries, OMZ, Heinz, Dorozhnoe Radio, BE&K, Park Inn, MTS, Silovye Mashiny, JTI, Amcor and many others. These companies participate in the formation of compensation and motivation policies.

Alisa Evsina, Head of the Compensation and Benefits Department of Pulkovo, presented a case "Modern Airport: A New Image of Compensation and Benefits" for group discussion. The working groups also discussed the issues of non-standard but relevant benefits and analysis of their effectiveness.

As a result of feedback all the participants voted in favor of organizing regular roundtable on motivation, compensation and benefits.



August, 2012

Permanent evaluation of the quality of Tailored trainings: continuity of experience and new approaches.

According to the results of the annual assessment of the quality of Tailored's work, that is based on a written anonymous interview of each participant of each (!) training, 99.8% of the participants of the trainings still recommend training Tailored to their colleagues.

Moreover, in the summer of 2012 one of the most unusual Tailored programs was updated: TOOLS OF ESTIMATION OF TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS: CONSTRUCTION OF INTERACTION WITH INTERNAL CUSTOMERS.
The essence of this training program, which was held by employees of HR departments and corporate universities of the largest partners Tailored, consists of 3 aspects:

- Sober and pragmatic, including mathematical and economic, approach to the evaluation of trainings and the training system in the Company;

- Tools for involving the internal customer in the process of staff development, which greatly increases the effectiveness of training in the long term;

- Methods for a quality presentation of the effectiveness of training to the management of the Company, who want to understand what they are investing in and what return they receive from investing in training their employees.


July, 2012

Tailored technologies in the field of R&D.

Tailored won the tender and began working with an R&D leader in the Russian Federation, which, with the support of RUSNANO and ONEXIM, became the only company in Russia that possesses technologies and a full cycle of LED production and intelligent lighting systems at production sites located in Russia and Germany.

The coordinated program of cooperation assumes joint work at different levels: from setting up processes of intra-corporate interaction to goal-setting and mechanisms for increasing the profitability of units. All key employees and heads of the Group of Companies, including the president and co-founders, will take part in Tailored programs.
Feedback from participants:

"Many interesting practical approaches";


"Lively, interesting, useful for the team spirit"


May, 2012

Hands-on training in practice.

Tailored launches a series of workshops for training programs. Workshops are special short supplementary modules that allow you to consolidate the technologies analyzed in the programs in 100% real conditions: at trade outlets, at negotiations with the customer, at a meeting with colleagues.

The workshops are conducted using technology developed by Tailored, and open a new horizon of a consolidation of practical skills with a pause after the training program.

Tailored's key partners have already confirmed their participation in the program of workshops.



April, 2012

Leaders continue to choose Tailored.

A brand number 1 for a several product categories in the world, the international leader in the food industry (ketchup, sauces, pickles, baby food, soups, frozen foods) with more than 140 years of history, chose Tailored as the training provider for its important asset – managers of middle and high level.
Feedback from participants:

"A minimum of academicism! The information is clearly structured";

"Constructive communication, open dialogue with examples, with answers to questions";

"Dynamically, fun, productive!"


March, 2012

Tailored begins to train one of the best providers of the world.

Tailored won a tender to develop the team of one of the world's strongest technical service providers, a member of KBR, a multinational company with more than 50,000 employees in 47 countries.

The first program brought together all the top managers of the Company, headed by the CEO. Having combined the experience, achievements and potential of the two companies, we have the opportunity to make our service for Customers much better and more productive.
Feedback from participants:

“A "live" course, a lot of practical work. This is useful and interesting";

"The whole training, including dialogues, was the training course!";

"Drive, positive, the goals of the training are clearly fulfilled!"


February, 2012

Tailored: Japanese-Italian solutions.

After a long break, the largest Russian network, represented by dozens of restaurants of Japanese and Italian cuisine in various regions of the Russian Federation with own corporate university, has opted for an external supplier in the field of personnel development and training. Based on the results of trial training, the choice was Tailored.

The first stage - the program for executives and top managers of the Group of Companies has already been launched
Feedback from participants:

"The main thing is the practical orientation of the training";

"Active training, understandable language. I concluded that I am going in the right direction";

"Especially it is necessary to allocate competent statement of problems in training and development of each point!"


January, 2012

Tailored in the business segment of fixed and mobile communications.

According to the results of several trial programs, Tailored began consistent system cooperation with the largest mobile and fixed-line operator in Russia, which is the absolute leader in its industries for a number of positions, for example, network coverage, geography, number of users of third generation networks, and also by the amount of revenue.

"We had responsible tasks, on the qualitative implementation of which, will depend the achievement of a number of strategic objectives by our Partner," says Tailored CEO Konstantin Kora. "A wide range of our partner's divisions and employees of various levels will be involved in Tailored training. Our first impression is very positive”.
Feedback from the participants of the first programs:

"I liked the coverage of the topics. The main directions, techniques that we can use when selling services and servicing clients were discussed";
“A "cheerful" format, time passed unnoticed!";
"Structured all the stages, recording on video - it is very useful to look from another hand...";

December, 2011

Tailored congratulates its Partners and Clients with a New Year and Christmas holidays!

Let the New 2012 Year be a year of innovation, stable growth and effective partnership in a wide range of business areas!



November, 2011

How to combine interesting with very useful?

Tailored team finds new answers to this question almost daily. Recently at the global retreat session (more than 60 participants) on involvement of the key department of a large food industry enterprise in the North-West of Russia, we managed to harmoniously integrate into the training program the process of creating and agreeing a competence model for employees and managers of the Company.

Feedback from participants:

"It's amazing how easy it is to achieve very important and concrete results!";

"The atmosphere helped to distract and look at the important difficult issue with fresh eyes ...";

"It's great that we made it with all our team!"


October, 2011

Tailored finds new creative formats of expert support.

Developing its own expertise and support of partners, Tailored launched a new project of expert support for its regular customers. The format of "expert tea drinking" does not imply any commercial component, but it represents a unique opportunity for our Informal Partners to share tea with leading recognized experts in the most relevant area for our Partner..

The format of the discussion and specific questions and answers with practitioners not only broadens the outlook on the current issue, but also allows finding a practical solution to an acute case or situation. Tailored thanks all the experts who, despite being busy in the core business, agreed to participate in this non-profit and very productive project.

Feedback from participants:

"Specificity with examples!";
"I liked the non-standard method - the analysis of stories, the use in real situations of each participant ...";
"Personal experience, stories from life, the opportunity to discuss important issues ..."..
September, 2011

Cooperation with the world's largest private medical network.

Tailored begins a cooperation with the world's largest private medical network, famous in all continents and since 1987 in Russia for its high level of service and quality of services.

In a joint staff development program with Tailored, there are trainings planned for both ordinary employees and clinic leaders.


August, 2011

Tailored continues to win tenders.

Tailored thanks its new partners, including the largest Russian business companies that are among the 10 most recognizable brands in Russia, for choosing Tailored as a regular provider of personnel development services in 2012. These results are mostly due to the recommendations of many of our long-standing partners, with whom we continue to cooperate successfully and share experiences and tools to increase the effectiveness of their business.


July, 2011

Continuous quality control of Tailored trainings: anonymous evaluation of participants.

According to the results of the annual assessment of the quality of Tailored's work, based on a written anonymous survey of each participant of each (!) Training, 99.8% of participants in the trainings recommend Tailored trainings to their colleagues.

Such support and evaluation of the work of Tailored is a great honor for us. Our team will do everything to continue to improve the standards of training and development of the teams of our Partners and, of course, our own.
Only for the last month we:

- Added to the list of Tailored programs new courses "Distance management" and "Tools for the development of distribution";

- Completely updated programs "Practical Rhetoric", "Technologies of entering new products in the range" and "Emotional leadership";

- We have received invitations to participate in tenders of the three largest and the most respected Russian companies.

June, 2011

Tailored used for 100% the advantages of suburban format.

According to the wish of one of the regular customers, who spoke up with the idea of ??combining a training with a corporate team-forming event, the staff of Tailored created a special new format for a suburban training.

The new program of Tailored maximizes the additional opportunities of open spaces, fresh air and an unconventional landscape.

Here with concrete examples and in a relaxed atmosphere, it is even quicker to achieve effective results and maximum returns using fundamentally new tools for the development and integration of the team.



May, 2011

Training under the conditions of multitasking.

In the process of a constant cooperation with the Client, which has already been leading the world business ratings for decades, Tailored program has received significantly more tasks. As a result, a completely new training was created for the Client's tasks.

For example, together with the top management and ordinary employees of the leading unit, an action plan was drawn up on the areas for increasing the efficiency of a particular leading team as a whole, both the effectiveness of employees and managers.
Feedback from participants:

"They do not speak to you, but you yourself put thoughts forward!”;

"I liked games that made me feel connected with each other!";

"Excellent moderation, the training goals are fulfilled!"


April, 2011

A new partner of Tailored Moscow office.

Tailored Moscow office signed a contract and began a cooperation with a large metropolitan chain of shops near the house, oriented on the beautiful half of humanity.

The first stage of the program will be devoted to negotiations on one of the most complex fields of this business - the field of procurement and negotiations with suppliers, the next stage will be directed to the professional management of product categories.



March, 2011

A special annual program for a large local producer.

Tailored began a new special annual program for a major local producer of bakery products, including 4 factories and a chain of branded stores.

A long-term program, in which both ordinary personnel and department heads will take part, will allow them to combine their experience on the basis of new tools and technologies.
Feedback from participants:

"The day passed very quickly, with the benefit for further work, many new and interesting in an easy understandable form";

"I really liked the view on the topic!";

"I liked the structure! I learned new information for myself, which is useful in my work”


February, 2011

Cooperation with the most modern Auto Center of the leader of the world auto industry.

After a qualitative preparation and a series of pilot trainings on personnel development, Tailored began to train constantly the newest and the most modern Auto Center of the leader of the world automotive industry in St. Petersburg.

Upon completion of the first training programs, Tailored was entrusted to organize, together with the top management of the Company, a new model of competencies for employees of all levels. The training program for 2011 has already been created and launched on the basis of a new competency model.
Feedback from participants:
"As always an emotional splash! Interesting tasks were posed. I did not feel tired for a moment ... ";

"Now we can structure and respond quickly to client's objections, it's better to justify everything. It's good that the examples are additionally shown on excerpts from the films!”

"I especially liked the fixing of the material and transferring it to a role play (practice). Now, seeing yourself from the outside, you understand how to avoid your mistakes. And for life it is so necessary!"

January, 2011

Tailored congratulates all its Partners and Colleagues with New Year and Christmas holidays!

2010 was very successful for us and we are proud of the projects that we launched, as well as those that are already in preparation and will be launched in 2011. We are sure that together with our Partners we will do more and even more interesting in 2011! Let the new 2011 bring warmth, luck and new horizons!

December, 2010

Creative management of change - changing the format of the future with Tailored.

Tailored has successfully started a practical cooperation with an international network that unites under its brand more than 130 luxury hotels in French style in 50 countries.

The first stage, which took place in Moscow, was dedicated to Creative Change Management for the top management of the Russian representation of the Network, headed by the Managing Director.
Feedback from participants:

"It's great, dynamic, interesting!" Tatiana Tumarkina, Managing Director;
"The impressions from the training are the best, you exceeded my expectations!" Irina Burobina, HR Director;
"Thank you! We have not seen such training yet, many new ideas that will be implemented"

November, 2010

Our new client, our new market area and our new programs.

Having working out and successfully launched new programs for the Commercial Department of the leading Network with more than 120 perfume shops in Russia, Tailored not only earned the trust of a permanent Client, but also made a base for a number of new specialized programs of Tailored. (see the updated list of training programs). Representatives of St. Petersburg and Moscow offices of Tailored took part in these programs.
Feedback from participants:

"A lot of practical tools and advice. The videotape helped to see its shortcomings from the side";
"Interesting, fun, in the game format - it allows you to open up!";
"I liked the clarity of the information."

October, 2010

Tailored changes its rules.

Together with the most demanding clients - the best hotels in the world, Tailored changes even established rules. At the request of the oldest and one of the most respectable network of hoteliers in the world, Tailored worked out and successfully implemented 2 fundamentally new scenarios of the functional "team building": "Mysterious Investigation" and "Rhythms in Business".

A variety of exercises are aimed at teamwork, joint problem solving, mutual assistance, ingenuity and unity of participants. The day is complemented by business training on the most relevant topics. In this case - "Conflict management in teams" for the top management. As all Tailored products, new programs have options for English and Russian language (Distance management)..
Feedback from participants:

"It was a fantastic day!" Mr. Gerhard Mitrovic, general manager of Balchug Kempinski Hotel Moscow;
"Very exciting role-playing games and a comfortable atmosphere. Thank you so much! There was so much to learn";
"Excellent approaches to "setting up" the team. A lot of important information!"

September, 2010

Tailored develops a cooperation with the most expensive brand in the world.

Tailored is developing a cooperation with the Russian division of the company, the owner of the most famous and expensive brand in the world with a specially prepared training "The Art of Presentation" for the most creative division of the Company - Marketing Department.
Feedback from participants:

"The training was very pleased, there was a lot of information and as it seems now, all the practices that we discussed are easily applicable and remembered for a long time";
"Training is very easy to assimilate. Coach - perfect! The best coach I've ever met! More such trainings!!!";
"Excellent tools and work with the audience! Excellent material, easy to perceive. Thank you!"

August, 2010

Planned cooperation with the national leading retailer.

With a focus training "Skills of conducting complex negotiations. Focus on the negotiations with government officials" successfully began a planned cooperation of managers of a leading national retailer, a leader in quality customer service in the capitals and regions of Russia with Tailored.
Feedback from participants:

"Everything is very laconic, accessible, not intrusive. The training was cognitive, very interesting";
"Relaxed atmosphere is conducive to discussions. I will recommend to colleagues!";
"Interesting techniques of negotiation, handouts, I saw myself from the outside and made conclusions on personal behavior".

July, 2010

Regular quality control of Tailored trainings: anonymous evaluation of participants.

According to the results of the annual assessment of the quality of Tailored's work, based on an anonymous survey of each participant of each (!) training, 99.9% of participants in the trainings recommend Tailored training to their colleagues.

We thank our partners for such a high appraisal and we will do our best to maintain our work in the future. In particular, we have recently updated trainings on Mentoring and Coaching, developed a number of specialized focal trainings, such as "Negotiations for employees of the Procurement department", "Effective category management", "Building interaction with representatives of power" and a number of other practical programs.
June, 2010

A new stage in the longstanding partnership.

Within the framework of a long-term cooperation, a new stage of a training of the third generation of managers of the market leader in the recruitment and leasing of Moscow and St. Petersburg personnel has been continued. Employees of the "first generation" today head all the main divisions and branches of the Company.
Feedback from participants:
"I really liked the dialogues, the answers to questions, video examples, which clearly show the essence, kind atmosphere and the opportunity to consult on all issues";
"The compressed information, very important, all the questions of interest were touched upon, an excellent homework assignment";
"A lot of useful tools and techniques ready for use".

May, 2010

Setting the standards of service and professionalism with Tailored.

Tailored has successfully started annual cooperation with the regional leader of the furniture industry, the leading network that sets the standards of professionalism and customer service quality in its market.
Feedback from participants:
"Lively, dynamically, a lot of new useful information";
"For the whole day I have never lost interest";
"I liked the connection with the specifics of our work, its clarity and richness".

April, 2010

A constant provider of personnel development services.

Tailored was chosen as a permanent service provider in 2010/2011 for the development of personnel in a major network project of a fundamentally new modern format for the entertainment, educational and dance industry.
Feedback from participants:
"A great experience that we need not only at work, but also in everyday life";
"8 hours in one breath, for me it's amazing! I look forward to the following trainings";
"The most effective training. Only useful and practical information!"

March, 2010

New annual program with a new leader.

Tailored began a new annual program for the development of the most rapidly developing network of Swiss watch shops in the region.
Feedback from participants:
"An original and very sensible training, a lot of new ideas, I will recommend!";
"I liked a positive atmosphere, it was very positive, fun!";
"Very detailed, interesting information was conveyed. I believe that any training is obligatory for any seller".

February, 2010

About us in media:

"Tailored does not try to adjust the tasks to standards or developed clich? procedures, but create tools and programs directly for the client, to the smallest detail given its features, priorities and actual goals." magazine "Firmenniy"
January, 2010

Developing together with the best.

Tailored has successfully launched a new annual program for the development and training of the personnel of dealer # 1 of the North-West of Russia on sales of the most famous brand of cars in the world.

Feedback from participants:
"Excellent training of useful skills!";
"Many new tools for work";
"Forgotten remembered, new studied, now will apply ...".
December, 2009

Tailored office is opened in the center of Moscow.

The new Tailored office is opened in Moscow on Moskvoretskaya Embankment, 10-minute walk from the Kremlin.
The office is equipped with the necessary equipment for conduct training programs of various formats.
November, 2009

New project of development of the Sales Department.

A new project of a constant development of the Sales Department with the leading Russian tabloid, the owner of the original concept and distribution system has been launched.

Feedback from participants:
"A lot of new interesting information!";
"An energetic, positive manner of conducting the training";
"I especially liked: the practical experience of the trainer in sales and specific examples from our business".
October, 2009
A multi-level training and development program has been successfully launched with one of the largest distributors of food products in the North-West of Russia.

Feedback from participants:
"The training was very interesting, everything is clear";
"I liked everything! A lot of examples, practice, role-playing games, answers to questions";
"Clearly, quickly and all about business".
September, 2009

Tailored central office and a classroom.

The central office of Tailored, Russia, is located in the heart of St. Petersburg in a cozy business center on Kaluzhsky Lane near Tavrichesky Garden and Smolny.
We have a convenient classroom that allows you to organize effective training for small (up to 10 people) groups or conduct individual coaching sessions. Administrative staff of Tailored is ready to organize coffee breaks. Business lunch or dinner can be easily organized in our business center.
August, 2009

The Competent Trainer Standard - - basic standards for the work of Tailored trainers.

The Competent Trainer Standard — a standart, elaborated by International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction. IBSTI, 1988, Bamngton.
According to The Competent Trainer Standard, the trainer must:
  1. Have the ability to determine the group's need for training and adapt the course materials to the specifics of the company's work and identified training needs;
  2. know the audience and its expectations;
  3. make sure that everything necessary for training is ready, available, and works;
  4. have the ability to establish trust with the audience, to inspire the trust of the group;
  5. be able to manage the learning process: manage the discussion, track group dynamics, etc.;
  6. demonstrate effective communication skills;
  7. possess the skills of effective self-presentation (special attention to "body language");
  8. have the ability to "grasp the essence", be able to formulate clearly thoughts; encourage dialogue;
  9. To be able to evoke enthusiasm of students, their positive thinking, to inspire the application of knowledge;
  10. to be able to use and combine various methods (mini-lectures, discussions, case studies, written exercises) and teaching tools (video, modern business games);
  11. be able to use office equipment: PC, projector, multimedia projector, video recorder, video camera;
  12. have the ability to analyze, to assess how students are coping with tasks;
  13. be capable of self-assessment, be able to assess the accuracy of the setting formulations to assignments for learners, the sequence of presentation, assess whether the learning objectives can be achieved;
  14. be able to present an information received during the preparation and the training accurately and correctly in written or oral form with the analysis (interpretation) and evaluation of learning outcomes.