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  • What do we do?

    • We enhance the competitiveness of our clients by increasing productivity and efficiency of their team through individual and practice-based training programs
    • We create effective and convenient consulting and analytical tools for solving specific tasks of our partners
    • We use many years practical experience of international and Russian companies and expert practitioners

    Tailored News

    January 2024

    Tailored began the systematic partnership with a leading regional engineering systems construction and maintenance company, whose regular customers include government organizations, international manufacturing facilities and the largest retail chains.



    Who are we working for?

    Clients of Tailored are companies aspiring to lead their markets and thus, train and develop their associates. We together prepare the teams to solve complex issues in an evolving competition. 

    We focus on solving specific problems of our Clients, using more than 200 training programs and more than 50 consulting and analytical tools in the following areas:

    • customer service and building long-term relationships with customers
    • team management and staff development, increasing labor productivity
    • the art of positioning, negotiating and selling
    • effective communications, systems thinking and effective solutions
    • project management, strategy, planning and goal setting
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    Why us?


    Decades-long business experience of Russian and international organizations transformed into Tailored training technologies in understandable language of dialogue.


    We can not offer our client any formal solution. Customization is at the heart of our business philosophy. You will find more information about it in this exclusive material.



    We do have neither trainers nor psychologists with a wide range of courses. Our trainers are current business leaders, expert mentors with many years of experience in the field that is discussed at the training. Our analysts are professionals with extensive experience in complex projects.


    We are proud that our client teams set the standards of professionalism in their markets. The success of Tailored is reinforced by their gratitude at the highest level, as well as No. 1 in the Rating of the most successful training companies in Russia in recent years.


    We enjoy our work and share the idea that the training returns maximum output if the communication is clear and interesting. That is why our programs are always supported with real-life examples, video-illustrations, and binders of materials that include audio and video trainings.


    Our programs fundamentally do not contain common theories. Tailored offers concrete and instrumental solutions. Most courses are conducted in a one-day format, which allows associates keep close to their duties and optimizes expenses.


    We work the convenient and easy way for our clients, so that ideas are born in interesting discussions, at the optimum time and work is carried out exactly on time.

    Read more about the convenience and features of Tailored approaches in an interview with General Director of the company Konstantin Kora, dedicated to the victory of Tailored in the nomination "The Most Effective Training Company in Russia" according to Coach magazine

    Our clients

    Tailored history

    The history of Tailored started in 1998 in New-York, NY, USA. A group of managers from multinational companies came to a conclusion that the one-fits-all approach to people development did not return expected results.

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    Training and coaching are effective when they originate from practice, offer re-applicable solutions and done by experts in specific fields.

    It is this concept that gave birth to Tailored. Our company works in a one-to-one way with the Customer in different countries. We focus on specific technologies to increase sales in particular business units, to improve customer service in designated areas, to master negotiation skills of managers and other priorities.

    As of today Tailored has accumulated sufficient experience of cooperation with Russian and international companies and it is evident for us that some organizations in Eastern Europe and the former USSR need to close gaps in customer relationship management. So, we leverage our resources to fuel partnering organizations to run their negotiation and sales, personnel management, strategy and planning in a tailored way —created sharply to the order, unusual, individual, made for a particular client.

    Feedback on working with us

    • «With this letter I recommend Tailored as a reliable and professional partner in the field of staff training and the development of managerial and leadership competencies of top managers

      I especially want to note the creative approach, understanding of the nuances of the business and the adaptation of training materials to the current priorities and needs of the company.

      Tailored has established itself as a modern, proactive partner aimed at effective cooperation.»

      Lindstrom Group, Россия

    • «The series of trainings for our company’s top-managers by Tailored was fully consistent with the request in changes implementation and large volumes of analytical and technical materials protection situation. The format of the event allowed to structure the acquired knowledge and skills, to work them out in interesting practical exercises and in the process of preparing additional tasks (between training modules). Each training module is accompanied by an effective build-up of skills of the training participants. We plan to continue and develop our cooperation in the future»

      CEO of SGK-7

    • «The Tailored company is characterized by the clarity and quality of the task, the accessible flow of material, and focus on result. Special thanks for creating a confidential atmosphere, which allowed the participants of the training programs at different levels to feel comfortable.»

      CEO of WASABI company group

    • «Tailored team is very result-oriented. After each training they make highly qualitative follow- up. Working sessions and trainings are filled by group work and discussions. Participants always leave positive feed-back, they recommend Tailored trainings to colleagues, and also always mark their practicality.»

      Elena Shestakova,
      Regional HR Manager

    • «Tailored has established itself as highly professional and responsible company while working with Megafon. Tailored Сore qualities are: flexibility in work with client, deep exploration of the topic while training program preparing and quality exercises.»

      Head of Recruitment, Training and Development,

    • «Sensitive orientation to client’s request and features, constant communication in the same language not only with the personnel department, but also with the business, lack of template solutions, willingness to create the solutions you need here and now — this all is about Tailored!»

      HR director, 

    • «I evaluate the annual training program for Sales and Service departments as very successful. It is important that in the course of the program Mercedes-Benz Rus recognized our company в The Best Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Customer Service Quality»

      Olga Sergeeva,
      Client Service Director

    • «Tailored team regularly reaches its goals to strengthen managers team and line staff of our company with customized for us reality based business-cases, with interactive training model and of course with practical tools.»

      Head of sales,
      KARAVAY factory

    • «Tailored provides quality preparation and organization of training programs. I particularly want to point out high level of professionalism and skill of making positive climate of trust!»

      HR Director of LSR company

    • «Our company, part of multinational corporation KBR, is client of training programs by Tailored more than 5 years. We can surely recommend Tailored as one of most dynamic, modern and reliable business-training company in the world today.»

      HR Director,
      KBR East

    • «We thank Tailored for qualitative, open-minded and extraordinary presentation of trainings. It is necessary to mark out Tailored trainers’ professionalism in using different formats of trainings in programs for employees our company.»

      Marina Vlasova,
      National T&D manager,

    • «The Tailored company fully justifies its name, the preparation of training programs is really carried out on the basis of the company's individual tasks and from scratch. We were especially attracted by the unusually lively presentation of the material. The Tailored company is characterized by an exceptionally practical approach and the depth of study of the training topic.»

      Head of HR,
      PRISMA hypermarkets

    • «For more than three years, our company "MELON FASHION GROUP" has been cooperating with the company "Tailored". During this time, we organized many interesting and effective trainings. I especially want to note the involvement of trainers. Throughout the interaction, they keep in touch with the company, give recommendations on the development of employees who attended the trainings. I can safely recommend Tailored as a very effective training partner.»

      Head of the recruitment and training,

    • «I thank for very informative training with so many ideas that we can use either as individuals or as a team!»

      Lizett Boda,
      General manager of hotels in St.-Petersburg

    • «Training consisted on 100 % from practical tools supported by actual business cases, discussions, video-illustrations and practical examples. Tailored training was the best training we ever had for company top management.»

      Anna Itsikson,
      HR Director,
      PARK INN Pulkovskaya