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In the heart of domestic Internet business.

The classic of Russian literature Maxim Gorky once said: “The further, the easier modern technology turns fiction and speculation, fantasies and hypotheses – into reality, arming a person in his struggle for life.” Probably therefore, we began cooperation with the largest and oldest Russian universal online store, which has long been included in the list […]

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Any crisis times are times of opportunity. People are looking for opportunities. Or they don’t. Especially if they feel uncertain, not prepared, do not feel the support of the employer. Tailored formed and worked out the comprehensive program designed to prepare our partner teams in a timely manner for bold but thoughtful solutions that will […]

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Happy Women’s day!

The male half of Tailored heartily congratulates our wonderful female colleagues and partners of the on the spring holidays in your honor! Without you, everything we do would be impossible and meaningless!

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Tailored launched a new format for the creative workshop “Right Hemisphere Drawing,” which allows  to develop the capabilities of the brain at the level of hard skills – professional competencies that can be directly used in work, clearly demonstrate, evaluate and test. The potential of the brain of an ordinary person is scientifically proven to […]

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Tailored began the successful cooperation with Europe’s largest producer of phosphorus-containing fertilizers, phosphoric and sulfuric acids, as well as Russia’s leader in fertilizer, ammonia and ammonium nitrate production. In addition to Russia, our new partner supplies its products to the countries of Western Europe, Asia, Africa and America, has its own port on its territory, […]

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Regional treasure

continued the successful project interrupted by the pandemic to develop the leaders of the regional technical teams of one of the largest Russian territorial generating companies (TGC) created in the process of reforming RAO “UES” of Russia. Our joint experience of cooperation with the heads of Company’ units of the Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk, […]

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Proactivity through creativity.

Working in non-standard conditions is always a springboard for the development of hidden reserves. At the end of August, Tailored gave an unusual start to the target program for preparing the Russia’s largest gas distribution enterprise’ young reserves and immediately received the necessary result. Our creative program “Up to the sky” allowed young people not […]

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To train those who evaluate the best in the world – this can really be considered the World Major League in training, and in people development in general. In the summer of 2021, the trainers of Tailored won the tender and began training the team that organizes the largest world “Olympiс games” in the field […]

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Warehouse – all head!

We have always told our colleagues who invest mainly in their top team that most often real service is not provided by top-managers, but by ordinary people who collect goods, solve difficult situations with customers, smile or do not smile at the consumer every day, and it is precisely such personnel who need to be […]

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The most relevant first hand!

April 27, Tailored organized and successfully held a MEETING OF THE RUSSIAN MOTIVATION CLUB in St. Petersburg, Russia. The relevance meeting’ topic is beyond doubt: “REHABILITATION OF EMPLOYEES AFTER CORONAVIRUS: MEDICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS,” so we invited an unprecedented number (5!) of speakers, all leading high-level experts, who shared their “first hand” achievements, tools and […]

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The systematic approach to (often) non-systemic operation.

Tailored successfully launched the new “SYSTEMATIC TEAM OPERATION” training program, which aims at the practical development of a systematic approach in management. Not much to know about the management cycle, situational management, the difference between management styles and classical motivation tools. It is important to associate specific situations with tools that participants pass and practice […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021 Year, dear Friends and Partners!

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021 Year to you with this new spiritual card made by the hands of wonderful graduates of the inclusive “Yom-Yom” Center, which every year helps 200 special children get a chance to develop harmoniously with their peers and feel included in this world. Health and confidence in a bright future […]

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Cooperation without limits

Tailored started the successful cooperation with the world leader of the Internet service for the placement of ads for goods, vacancies and resumes in the labor market, as well as services from individuals and companies, the monthly audience of which is more than 47 million users, over the year 63 million transactions are made on […]

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Mentoring is serious…

Tailored acted as a provider of support for the mentoring processes of the largest oil company in the country. Mentoring is interpreted differently, for someone it is manegement in a foreign manner, for someone a type of guru-management, for most it is a conditionally tangible term. But not for our partner. And the fact is […]

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Academy Time

Based on joint successful experience with leading businesses of the country and the world, Tailored launches sets of special programs for the focus and consistent development of employee competencies in areas and zones of responsibility under the brand “ACADEMY OF EXPERIENCE” The purpose of the programs is to prepare and adapt promising employees of the […]

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The integration of efforts in the energy sector of central Russia.

Tailored conducted an interesting joint project, which was integrated into the system of one of the innovation-oriented energy sales companies in central Russia, which are part of the largest energy holding. Using a combination of digital technologies, we, together with internal experts, successfully prepared for one of the most effective events, according to the participants, […]

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Online business quest “Family business” with Tailored!

At the request of our clients, who missed the group format of team activities, we are launching an exciting quest “Family business” in the online format, which will allow WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS to hone today’s important skills in an “atmosphere of irreconcilable Paris”.  The team finds itself drawn into a difficult situation between two Parisian families: Venturi and […]

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Three winning Tailored solutions

Tailored successfully and expeditiously transformed the training programs together with the industry leader among the country’s gas distribution organizations thanks to three key factors.  We were able to fully “get comfortable in the “remote training operation” due to simple but thoughtful solutions: the platform flexibility, when Tailored clients have the opportunity to choose a site, starting from […]

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New realities – New technologies!

Tailored launches LIT (Long-distance Interactive Training) technology, which fully conserves the energy and effectiveness of face-to-face training, and surpasses it in additional capabilities Moreover, now we are launching a special anti-crisis selection of proven and most relevant Tailored programs: “Interaction, communication and coordination in the conditions of remote work”; “Management of remote and distributed teams […]

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Mindfulness is needed by everyone, especially the most experienced people need it

Tailored directed and held a special event, combining a master class and mindfulness, for a large national sales team, one of Europe’s most respected brands with a century of history. Our long-standing partner has set us the difficult task of holding a special joint master class for his entire key sales team, which has more […]

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The energy of Vladimir Russia on our power engineering

Tailored began a successful partnership with the largest diversified energy holding, the only Russian electricity export-import operator. Despite the fact that the geography of the supply of electricity to our new partner includes Finland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia, we began cooperation in the very heart of Russia, with […]

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Scandinavian direction of Tailored international cooperation

At the end of 2019, Tailored became a partner and member of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, which is the leading expert organization in bilateral trade between Finland and Russia and connects Finnish know-how with the capabilities of the Russian market. Participation in the FRCC, which includes more than 700 Finnish and Russian member companies […]

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VHI – battle in the Russian Motivation Club.

On November 7, the autumn meeting of the Russian Motivation Club of Russia took place in one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of St. Petersburg – in the luxurious but cozy culinary studio CulinaryOn on the top floor of Au Pont Rouge. This time we chose rather sharp and controversial topic: “New […]

Business technologies into the medicine!

The skill of clear presentation of your thoughts, experience and practice to the audience has always been an important tool for promoting your name in medicine. And now this competence has significantly grown in importance, because the preparation of a competent presentation that can convince management, colleagues, patients, students, conference visitors without excitement and fuss […]

Out of the stateroom into the ballroom

Tailored successfully started cooperation with the new Client, the main operating company of the leader of the Russian oil industry. From the very beginning in work with this Client, we got, as we say, from “ship to ball” – began training with heads of financial units, people who are used to checking and re-checking everything […]

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Do it yourself (DIY), Tailored!

Our new partner is the fastest growing player of the Russian DIY market today (according to INFOLine), with an annual growth of more than 30% and revenue of more than 49 billion rubles.

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The carelessness not in honor, the people waits for result!

Spring and summer – time of traditional big corporate events by #Tailored. Office parties in a classical format became outdated. #Tailored’ Fuctional corporate events become more focal and aimed at specific multilevel objectives. Big HR forum which main subject was The Care of employees at all levels became one of striking examples of spring 2019. […]

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System solutions in Tailored style

The major German industrial concern presented in 20 countries worldwide in the sphere of dealership and production, representing one of the brightest global manufacturers of the equipment in Russia was chosen by Tailored for system consulting decisions. Mission of our new Partner: “All our efforts are aimed at the development of long-term partnership with our […]

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Significant projects in Motivational Club of Russia

March 28, 2019 «Tailored» and our partners from «1C Rarus» held the spring meeting of Russian Motivation Club with topic «Implementation and launching of significant projects. Strategy. Staff. Automation.» Our event started with the speech of Vadim Kravchenko — development director of «Rusklimat» company:«Successes and traps: from strategy to launching and implementation of project». He […]

The Standard of the Swiss quality chooses Tailored

The famous Swiss producer – the world leader in the field of an implantology, known for the uncompromising quality, chose Tailored as the partner in development of personnel. 5 continents, more than 70 countries, decades of faultless reputation and leadership in the industry taught our new partner to choose carefully those who will develop the […]

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Reasonable and correct steps in the right direction

Tailored successfully started projects together with the leading global manufacturer of packing, cellulose and paper with 52,000 employees in more than 24 countries of the world. Our new Client and the Partner sets as the purpose to be one of the best and most reputable companies in the world. Owning manufacturing enterprises in Europe, North […]

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New year and new projects of Tailored

В Новом 2015 году Tailored начал сотрудничество с одним из самых амбициозных отечественных девелоперских проектов элит-класса. Программа тренингов первого этапа сотрудничества включала в себя ценностное объединение команды технических специалистов и менеджеров Проекта на основе современных технологий управления командами. Отзывы участников: «Тренинг построен как игра. Ситуации применимые к жизни»; «Все проходило в легкой, познавательной форме, без […]

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Service Oktoberfest of the Motivational Club of Russia and Carlsberg group

October 9, 2018 Tailored successfully held a thematic SERVICE OKTOBERFEST in the hospitable territory of Baltika Breweries, Part of the Carlsberg Group on a topical matter: “HR Service Today. HR Service of the Future. The first speech was given by Valery Martsinovich, a senior partner of KornFerry, on the topic “International practices of theservice centers […]

Cooperation with a customer is always the focus of attention

A large international customer returned to Tailored’s work on the new brand. Tailored’s long-time partner is a large Swedish construction holding with a turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros and a staff of more than 2,000 people. After a large rebranding it chose Tailored as a training provider. The first subject was “TOOLS OF […]

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Construction in oil and gas industry with Tailored

That is the way of Russia that the oil and gas industry is a serious business, and the construction of oil and gas facilities and pipelines even more so, but we were not embarrassed. This summer, Tailored began a successful cooperation with the industry’s leading company, employing more than 25,000 people and having a vehicle […]

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In keeping with the best oriental traditions

Summer is a conventional time for a variety of on-site trainings. One of the brightest events of this season in Tailored was a special program held in the capital of Azerbaijan for the largest asset of the most famous Russian company in the world. In keeping with the best oriental traditions our program in Baku […]

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Tailored works on a grand scale

The largest Russian energy provider, the owner of most of the hydroelectric power stations of the country and the world’s second hydrogeneration company became the regular customer of Tailored. After the first successful trainings and excellent feedback for our trainers, we have been entrusted to support a large project. The project includes organizing the process […]

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The basics of being the best

Recently we got a wonderful experience with the team of the Best Luxury Hotel in Russia, according to the World Luxury Hotel Awards, the European Hotel Awards, the Russian Hotel Awards and many others. Managers chose from several variants of master classes the closest to people, not to business processes. This way they clearly demonstrated […]

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Innovative industrial automation with Tailored

We continue to win new innovative and promising markets. This time Tailored’s new Client is one of the leading companies in the Russian market of industrial automation. The main idea that formed the basis of the activity of our new Partner is the creative use of world technologies and experience with the use of Russian […]

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The international status of Tailored is confirmed in one of the most demanding countries of the world

After several months of testing programs Tailored successfully develops coaching and consulting work in the UK with the world’s most famous product lines, bringing cooperation to a new level of co-creation. The British audience is considered one of the most demanding in the world, especially in everything related to training and consulting. Even the universally […]

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In-demand decisions of the new year

Modern trends and regular contact with customers pushed Tailored to create new products, that even before the end of the testing received orders and the interest of Tailored’s partners. The most delicious dishes of our coaching cuisine of the January post-holiday period are: Updated course “CORPORATE DIPLOMACY”, which gives skills of effective work in corporate […]

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Bright producer in the ranks of Tailored

Tailored has successfully started working with a bright local producer, which unites more than 600 stores in 6 countries and a team of more than 4,000 employees. Our new partner is a modern, very dynamic Company which close to us in spirit and values such as: innovation, sanity, communication, audacity, sincerity and passion. Despite the […]

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Beautiful programs in beautiful places

Tailored began working with a new Partner, a subsidiary of the country’s largest oil company, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our new Partner receives projects that are at the initial stage of implementation. Each new asset has its own specifics, due to various factors, including the considerable remoteness of the […]

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Tailored conquers the trust of the oldest orthodontic network in Moscow

We started to work with a large Moscow orthodontic and dental network, which was the first to create an orthodontic clinic in the capital of Russia. At the moment more than 20 000 patients from all over the country are on orthodontic treatment in the clinics of our Partner who have been holding the palm […]

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From Medical trainings to development of standards of service for patients

As the part of the medical project, new partners, that use trainings as the basis for the formation of new unique intracorporate service standards, are constantly joining Tailored. Our new partner, a multidisciplinary clinic that has been successfully operating in the St. Petersburg market for about 10 years, understands the importance of this approach, systematically […]

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In line with the fastest brand in the world!

Tailored is developing cooperation with one of the leading sports companies in the world, which for 65 years has been promoting the most innovative sports technology in 120 countries and has more than 13,000 employees worldwide. After several successful test programs from the beginning of the year, Tailored received the necessary credit of trust for […]

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Broke third hundred!

In April 2017 Tailored successfully crossed the threshold of 200 exclusive and diverse training programs in ACTIVE status. Working in 4 main thematic areas since the day of foundation and recently launched several new Creative Programs, Tailored has struck an unprecedented level for Russian training companies in 200 multi-format products in the field of staff […]

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Tailored “jars”

We started to work with one of the largest financial institutes in Russia, which is one of three largest banks in Europe in terms of capital. Our new partner network is represented in Russia by 24 branches located from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The total number of offices providing high-quality banking services exceeds 350. The complexity […]

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Tailored in the scientific community

We begun a cooperation with the world’s leading producer of equipment for clinical laboratory diagnostics and scientific research in various fields of biology, medicine and industry with a turnover of more than $ 17 billion and staff of more than 50,000 people. Our partner’s mission is to help clients to make the world healthy, safe […]

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Motivational Club of Russia in Security

December 13, 2016 Tailored organized the Jubilee meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia, which was held under the auspices of an interesting and always relevant topic: “Everything that HR wants to know about the company’s Security Service but hesitates to ask.” The program of the meeting included an interesting and full of examples speech […]

A centuries-old service with Tailored

We have begun a fruitful cooperation with one of the oldest global brands in the field of service, represented in 24 countries of Europe and Asia. A large international business that provides exclusive service in the field of cleanliness and special clothing for more than 170 years in the world and 20 years in Russia […]

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Tailored creative pharmaceuticals industry

We started to cooperate with an innovative global pharmaceutical company on a creative note. Our new partner, the international leader in the production of pharmaceutical products with Bavarian roots, started our cooperation by gathering the entire company’s management in the westernmost point of our country and choosing one of the most creative and developing Tailored […]

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On-line with Tailored

We have successfully started to work in the field of consulting and staff training with one of the most convenient financial on-line services, presented in 25 countries of the world. Civilized European financial services are still an innovation for Russia, but we love everything new, progressive and interesting. It is mutual interest and the desire […]

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Tailored and the “aromagic” of a true coffee

Tailored won the tender and successfully started to work on several key areas with the world’s largest coffee producer. The international coffee company, which started production in the 18th century and now is the absolute leader of several categories, the strongest player and expert on the coffee market, chose Tailored as a training provider for […]

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Tailored in the holy of holies of information

Tailored successfully started cooperation with one of the largest and most modern commercial data processing center in the country. Tailored’s new partner is one of the most high-tech companies in Russia, who provides a full range of DC-outsourcing services – from renting ready-to-connect places in server modules to developing a set of measures to protect […]

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The European leader chose Tailored for its key employees

Tailored won a tender for a two-year exclusive contact to train the largest paper supplier in Europe and the CIS. The largest world dealer of paper with a turnover of more than 500 million euros and annual sales of more than 500,000 tons of paper products, having conducted a multi-stage tender, chose our team for […]

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A new partnership with the market leader

Tailored opened a new page of partnership with several divisions of Russia’s largest oil and gas company. Having started a successful cooperation several years ago, Tailored confidently expands it via working with the new divisions of one of the most successful companies in the country. The secret of the development of cooperation is obvious: according […]

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Tailored was told – YES!

We started a cooperation with one of the most promising and profitable start-ups in the Russian sky. The most ambitious and successful project of apart-hotels in modern Russia, an example of a new product for the Russian market with more than 1,500 aparthoteles in Moscow and St. Petersburg, chose Tailored. The new staff development program […]

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Winter meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia was on a high note!

Tailored held the winter meeting of the Russian Motivational Club in a panoramic room on the 18th floor in Azimut Hotel St. Petersburg. The meeting subject: “Creative tools for people and teams development in practice”. The main motive of the meeting was a bright report by the Head of the Training and Development Department of […]

New strategies and new meanings

The threshold of the new year is always filled with new plans and meanings. Today, when the situation on a lot of markets is changing rapidly under the influence of macroeconomic factors, it has become the most relevant for us and for our customers. December is the month of strategic sessions for 2 years in […]

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Juicy solutions from Tailored

Tailored opened a new page of the cooperation with the largest Russian company for the development and production of healthy food products on a fruit basis: natural juices, nectars and fruit drinks. In the unique portfolio of the company’s brands – juice brand No. 1 in Russia in management one of Europe’s largest plants with […]

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Tailored at the «minefield»

Working with IT specialists, especially with programmers, has always been considered a kind of “minefield” in training. Non-standard and creative people living in the world of high technologies – traditionally are not the most frequent guests on training programs. Tailored decided to break this stereotype by starting cooperation with the leading international IT service to […]

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Tailored organized the Jubilee meeting of the Russian Motivational Club in Mercedes-Benz

September 24, 2015 Tailored successfully held the Jubilee meeting of the Motivation Club of Russia at a site of the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz and SMART “Zvezda Nevy Krestiansky”. The actual subject of the autumn meeting was “How to «turn on» the team: the creation of a system to increase the involvement and satisfaction of […]

Tailored in the best Japanese traditions

Japanese culture has always been special, original and unique, requiring a special approach. Tailored found such an approach while preparing programs for the country’s largest chain of stores specializing in the development of Japanese knife culture in Russia. Our partner successfully develops business in the CIS through various sales channels, including its own retail network, […]

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Constant quality control of Tailored trainings: keeping the bar!

According to the results of the annual evaluation of the quality of Tailored’s work based on a written anonymous survey of each participant of each (!) training, 99% of participants of our trainings still recommend Tailored programs to their colleagues. We are proud of this result, our partners and our team! Only for the last […]

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Tailored with Swedish accent

Tailored successfully started a cooperation with a large, internationally based holding company in Sweden, which unites dozens of companies in the field of a real estate development. The new Tailored’s partner has been successfully operating in Russia since 1972. During this time, dozens of large-scale projects have been implemented in the field of civil and […]

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Employee’s well-being in the Winter Meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia

February 4, 2015 there was the winter meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia, organized by Tailored and its partners in the five-star Golden Garden Boutique Hotel. The program of the meeting included a speech by Yemelyanov (“JTI”, “Lenta”) on a subject “The concept of 5 elements of well-being as a new approach to corporate […]

Tailored flows into dairy rivers

Tailored began cooperation with the largest Russian dairy producer, which has more than 10,000 employees and more than 30 production sites, as well as sales centers in more than 25 cities in Russia and CIS countries. They immediately committed Tailored to work with the most complex and demanding levels of management – top and middle […]

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Motivational Club of Russia under Tailored direction: 2 years of effective work

In October 2014, the Russian Motivational Club celebrated its second anniversary with a meeting on a topic: “Evaluation and analysis of employee involvement: experience, practices and actions based on received information” The beginning of the meeting was marked by the bright speech by Yuliya Sonnikova, Head of the HR Department of the ITM Group, and […]

A new world leader together with Tailored

Tailored has successfully started a cooperation with the world’s largest transport operator, which has a 140-year history, more than 2,000 offices around the world and is the first in terms of traffic in Europe.   Starting with the traditional deep training, Tailored specialists adapted the program to the applied tasks as much as possible and […]

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Tailored opens new markets

Tailored successfully started a cooperation with one of the largest players in the fastener market in Russia with a turnover of over one billion rubles and numbering more than 40 offices in all regions of the country. After qualitatively conducted programs for all categories of employees from ordinary sellers to the owners of the Company, […]

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Tailored at the highest level

Having started a cooperation with Tailored, Russia’s largest hotel chain and the world’s largest hotel in Russia (more than 9000 rooms in 19 cities in Russia and Europe) entrusted us immediately with training the most demanding and experienced audience – general directors of hotels and senior managers. As a result, Tailored received the next contract […]

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The motivation of project teams is on tap for

June 17 Tailored with its partners organized and successfully held the Summer meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia The subject of the summer meeting was the “Personnel motivation system in project teams”. The keynote presentation was by Olga Smirnova, HR Director and organizational development of Plaza Lotus Group, one of Russia’s largest developers. In […]

Co-Creation: the joint creation of a value by internal and external resources at the spring meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia

The co-founders of the Motivational Club “Tailored” and “EMG-Professionals” together with the chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets “Prisma”, the largest retailer of Scandinavia and the North-West of Russia, successfully held a spring meeting of the Motivational Club on a subject “Co-creation: the joint creation of a value by internal and external resources” Today we can […]

Tailored will help Russia to be more open

In the context of the foreign policy peripetias and the tensions of the investment climate the Russian division of Tailored announced the start of the training program “OPEN RUSSIA”. “OPEN RUSSIA” program includes 2 large sections and several practical modules. THE FIRST SECTION OF THE PROGRAM will help foreigners who work in Russia or companies […]

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Tailored carries out its obligations and commits new ones

Our experience in the charitable project with the largest Russian foster home (No. 4 in Pavlovsk) received excellent reviews, and Tailored decided to extend this it for 2014. Moreover, several of our Clients and Partners expressed their desire to join the project in 2014, create programs with us and attract volunteers. Feedback from participants: “It […]

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Jubilee. Motivational.

Tailored together with its partners held a jubilee meeting of the Motivational Club, which turned a year. The event was hosted by Baltika Brewery Company. The evening began with a tour on the industrial sites of “Baltika-St Petersburg” factory. At the end of the tour, we proceeded to the main part. The first presentation was […]

Tailored together with the world leader in innovation in the forest industry

Tailored began a successful cooperation with the leading international forest industry concern, one of the few companies in the industry that combines innovation, manufacturability and environmental responsibility. The company has about 22,000 employees and is represented in 67 countries around the world. After completing all the qualifying stages and conducting “trial” trainings, Tailored began to […]

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Fresh trends of summer 2013

Warm summer days did not reduce the working efficiency of partners and customers of Tailored, contrary to all seasonal trends they provoked unprecedented activity in various regions of Russia, inspiring us to new ideas and new trends. One of such trends was the shift in focus from the traditional target group for training and development […]

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Internal customer in the focus of the Russian Motivational Club

May 21, 2013 we held a regular meeting of the MOTIVATIONAL CLUB. The subject of the meeting was a special and topical “HOW TO ACHIEVE PARTNERSHIP WITH THE INNER CUSTOMER?”. The topic is important primarily due to the fact the quality of the partnership with the internal Customer directly affects the work efficiency of the […]

Tailored in terms of modern retail

Having successfully having passed all the stages of selection Tailored was chosen as the main supplier of training for one of the most modern European retailers in Russia, the market leader in customer service quality, assortment and growth rates. A multi-level long-term development program of the team assumes a special focus on managerial competencies at […]

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New tools of Russian Motivational Club

March 14, 2013 Tailored held a regular meeting of the Russian Motivational Club. Given the recent changes in the legislation and the relevance of the renegotiation of contracts, the leader of the interrogation of members of the Club was a topic of voluntary medical insurance. The particularity of the meeting was the lack of VHI […]

The Finnish approach to choose a provider

There are two characteristics of Finnish companies in working with suppliers. First – Finns are patriotic and prefer to work with compatriots, which causes respect, the second – they admit to the “family” the representatives of other countries, only after careful and scrupulous analysis of the partner. However, this approach allows you to choose a […]

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear colleagues and partners!

We wish that this year your life will be filled with light and warmth that come from the children’s drawings of our New Year’s card. We want to tell you a short story about them. In 2012 life conducted us to a “special” place – the Foster Home No. 4, there “special” babies with deviations […]

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Motivational Russian Club began a successful work

November 29 was held the second meeting on motivation, compensation and benefits. For the first time it was held in the format of MOTIVATIONAL CLUB organized by Tailored in cooperation with the EMG-Professionals. The host of the Club was “PARK INN BY RADISSON PULKOVSKAYA”. Within the framework of the meeting, Yulia Kirsanova (GAZPROMNEFT) gave a […]

Tailored in construction business

Tailored began an active cooperation with the largest developer of Russia, the absolute leader in the production of concrete, sand mining, the production of ceramic bricks, development and construction of housing, including more than 60 companies and 16,000 employees. As a part of the long-term project, Tailored team focused primarily on prospective managers who are […]

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A new professional site for compensation and benefits

Tailored acted as one of the organizers and moderators of the first professional platform in St. Petersburg to discuss issues of compensation and benefits. A roundtable “COMPENSATIONS AND BENEFITS: TRENDS, INNOVATIONS AND DECISIONS OF 2012 ” was organized together with the Pulkovo Airport (“Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy”) and the leading recruiting company EMG-Professionals. The meeting […]

Tailored technologies in the field of R&D

Tailored won the tender and began working with an R&D leader in the Russian Federation, which, with the support of RUSNANO and ONEXIM, became the only company in Russia that possesses technologies and a full cycle of LED production and intelligent lighting systems at production sites located in Russia and Germany. The coordinated program of […]

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