Online business quest “Family business” with Tailored!

At the request of our clients, who missed the group format of team activities, we are launching an exciting quest “Family business” in the online format, which will allow WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS to hone today’s important skills in an “atmosphere of irreconcilable Paris”.

 The team finds itself drawn into a difficult situation between two Parisian families: Venturi and Guerini. Over the course of several rounds, participants will have to solve 5 cases and learn how to work:

  • with the planned negotiations and find a strategic solution common with partners;
  • with conflict situations and to engage constructively in dialogue in unpredictable conditions;
  • with techniques of influence and resist influence;
  • with positional bidding.

       …  and, in the end, find out which restaurant won the Michelin star.

 The business quest “Family business”can be organically integrated into specialized programs as a workshop. 

Effectively applied in topics:

  • “Conflict Management”;
  • “Negotiations”;
  • “Effective teamwork”;
  • “Cross-functional interaction.”
  • “Online Communication”

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