Juicy solutions from Tailored

Tailored opened a new page of the cooperation with the largest Russian company for the development and production of healthy food products on a fruit basis: natural juices, nectars and fruit drinks.

In the unique portfolio of the company’s brands – juice brand No. 1 in Russia in management one of Europe’s largest plants with a total production capacity of over 790 million liters per year, as well as its own research and development center.

Feedback from participants:

“The training was organized in a dialogue mode. There was no dividing into blocks of theory and practice, so it helped to understand the material”;

“Thanks for the restructuring of the training for the needs of the participants”;

“It is extremely useful and very positive! I will attend next trainings with great pleasure!”

Tasty solutions from Tailored
Tasty solutions from Tailored
Tasty solutions from Tailored
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